‘Microsoft Office 2016’ Release Date; What You Need To Know So Far

‘Microsoft Office 2016’ Release Date; What You Need To Know So Far
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So when will the Microsoft Office 2016 be released? The release date, according to Microsoft’s announcement, will be on September 22.

How to get it?
Forbes reported that users with a Volume License can easily download the Microsoft Office 2016 suite via their website, in the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). However, these users can only get the product starting October 1.


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You can get your license here if you still don’t have one. The initial release is available for professional and home users initially.

In the Volume Licensing Service Center, users have:
1. The access to the product with keys;
2. The access to all their licensing information in one place;
3. See their relationship and license summary deets;
4. See their enrollment status;
5. Activate and consume Software Assurance benefits.

The suite features a new colorful theme, which is reminiscent to the iOS, Mac and Android apps. The Verge also reported that the new Microsoft Office suite will have improved attachment, storage, email delivery and search functions.

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For co-authors for a document, there is also a new real-time co-authoring function for documents shared on OneDrive. Just make sure, according to Microsoft, that in order for this function to work, you give permission to the co-authors.

Office 365 users will also get new ways their products are upgraded, according to Microsoft, so watch out for those. Office 365 ProPlus users will have the latest  Office apps and capabilities delivered to them via a new method called Current Branch. Office 365 ProPlus is available for organizations and companies.

Another new feature for Office 365 ProPlus users is the Current Branch for Business, which gives more time for other organizations who always want to try out and test the new products for quite some time before getting into the new updates.

Excited for the new Microsoft Office 2016 suite. Stay tuned for more.

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