Microsoft Mimicker Alarm Wakes You Up With Games

Microsoft Mimicker Alarm Wakes You Up With Games
Mimicker Alarm Microsoft

What would motivate you to get out of bed faster than usual? Not your current morning alarm, most likely. That’s why Microsoft recently came out with an alarm app that makes waking up more fun.


Microsoft must have suspected that there is always a kid inside everyone, no matter what age (or generation). And sometimes, people need more than a persistent alarm sound to get the day started. So, why not come up with an alarm app that lets you play a series of games to urge you to roll out of bed? That’s exactly what Microsoft Garage did and now, the Mimicker Alarm app is available for download.

This app is unique in a way that it doesn’t try to annoy into waking you up by sounding off music (especially if you’re nursing a hangover). Instead, it urges you to “Express Yourself.” This is actually a task that will require you to take a selfie while portraying a certain emotion. And then, you can also play “Color Capture,” where you see an object on your screen and you have to take a photo of an object around you that best matches its color. For something more challenging in the morning, try the “Tongue Twister.” Here, you’ll have to repeat some phrases that may be a challenge to actually enunciate.

Here’s the thing, with the Mimic, you have to play if you don’t want to hear your alarm go off again. Program Manager Allison Light explains that if you snooze the alarm, you get a five-minute delay in the game. And if you choose to dismiss, the alarm gets muted, but then you would be given only 30 seconds to complete a task. If you fail to do so, Mimic automatically assumes that you’ve gone to sleeping soundly and will put your alarm sound back on. The only way to shut off the alarm is to play a game. Just the same, Light says some features of the app are still up to the user.

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“You can choose the sounds and which games you want to play,” Light said.

The Mimicker Alarm app is now available for download on Android, and it’s free.

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