Microsoft Might Be Planning to Reveal Windows 9 on September 30

Microsoft Might Be Planning to Reveal Windows 9 on September 30

microsoft windows9 reveal Microsoft Might Be Planning to Reveal Windows 9 on September 30It looks like Windows users won’t have to wait too long for the next version of their beloved operating system comes out with new reports saying that Microsoft’s next step in its operating system ladder will be revealed next month at a press event tentatively scheduled for September 30.


According to the reports by the Verge, Microsoft is planning to use the event to showcase the new and key features and changes coming with the next iteration of Windows which currently only holds the codename “Threshold”. The report also suggest that the company is planning to announce the release of a preview version of Threshold either at the September 30 event or soon afterwards.

Some of the new features the company is allegedly planning to reveal at the event next month is the new mini Start Menu, the removal of the infamous Charms bar, and a few more changes to the system’s UI. According to previous reports, Microsoft is also developing to bring Cortana to Windows 9 as well as the ability to use virtual desktops which has been something Windows users have been wanting from the company for a long time.

Another new feature that the company is reported to be bringing to Windows 9 is the ability to run “Metro-style” apps within a window on the Desktop which will remove the need to switch between the two separate interfaces and make Windows apps easier to access for those who work more on the Desktop side of the operating system.

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Microsoft hasn’t officially said anything about the release date of Windows 9 and it is even speculated that the company has no plans on unveiling the official name for the OS at next months’ event but it is also previously rumored that Windows 9 may be coming to desktops sometime in 2015.