Microsoft Lumia 650 Supersedes Nokia Lumia 830: Cheaper, Better Camera & Extra Storage Space

Microsoft Lumia 650 Supersedes Nokia Lumia 830: Cheaper, Better Camera & Extra Storage Space
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Crafted with precision, the Microsoft Lumia 650 is a budget smartphone built with robust features meant for both personal and professional use. The Nokia Lumia 830, on the other hand, is another flagship model with killer features that could match the ones of the Lumia 630.


There are a few differences between both models that make the Lumia 650 better than its predecessor. After all, the Lumia 650 is an affordable phone with matching features at less than half the price. Here is a list of other differences between both devices:


The Lumia 650 looks smaller and weighs less than the Lumia 830. It has body dimensions of 142×70.9×6.9 mm and weight of 122grams, the Lumia 830 measures 139.4×70.7×8.5mm and weighs 50grams.

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Lumia 650 and Lumia 830 share similar 5-inch display size. While the former has an organic OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen with 720p and 294ppi, the latter features IPS LCD screen with 720p and 294ppi.

Camera and video

The rear camera sensor in the Microsoft Lumia 650 is slightly less than the Lumia 830 at 8MP against 10MP. But the front camera is way better at 5MP in the Lumia 650 than a mere 0.9MP front snapper in the Lumia 830. While the Lumia 650 camera features include an LED flash and an autofocus technology, the Lumia 830 has pureview (OIS), LED flash, an autofocus technology and DNG support.

Processor, storage

Under the hood, the Lumia 650 has 1.3GHz quad core Snapdragon 212, while the Lumia 830 features 1.2GHz quad core Snapdragon 400. Neowin notes that the Snapdragon 212 and 400 are similar chipsets, all using four cores of ARM Cortex-A7. However, the Snapdragon 212 boasts a higher clock speed, while Snapdragon 400 packs a better GPU.

The in-built storage space is 16GB in both phones, with up to 200GB of expandable storage in Lumia 650 and up to 128GB of expandable storage in Lumia 830.

Battery and Price

The battery power is at a meager 2000mAH in Lumia 650, while it is 2200mAH in Lumia 830. As for the price, the Lumia 650 costs you $199, and the Lumia 830 is priced at $499.

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  • Sebastian

    Author clearly have no idea what are writing about – Lumia 650 and 830 are in completely different product group. There is not comparison in specs , functions or camera quality (830 has gyroscopic image stabilized Zeiss lens with clear black tech, compass, oled, magnesium frame, wireless charging and so on – 650 has none of it ). Lumia 830 was marketed as “affordable flagship in 400 USD price group while Lumia 650 is sub 200 USD low end business oriented phone with attractive design The photo above is also mistaken with some old lumia model possibly 520.. Seems author would do better writing about Hollywood gossip than going into tech subjects.