Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Preview For Lumia

Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Preview For Lumia
Image Image from Flickr byKārlis Dambrāns
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Microsoft released its first build of Windows 10 for phones on Feb 12. Owners of Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638, 730 or 830 can install the new features of the latest operating system with the option to revert back to the old version.


The Windows 10 technical preview is the “earliest publicly available preview” that Microsoft did for phones, Gabe Aul wrote. The build is still under developed, buggy, with unpolished UX and new features that are just not done yet, he said.

Nokia Flickr KārlisDambrāns 1024x768 Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Preview For Lumia
Image from Flickr by Kārlis Dambrāns

“You’re going to see some rough edges. We’re sharing it with you so you can be with us at every step, and provide your feedback to help make this the best release ever,” Aul wrote in a blog for Microsoft.

Windows 10 for phones preview comes with a start screen that can be customized complete with a full-size background image. The Photos app can hold both aggregated photos and OneDrive photos. Also, the Action Center for Windows 10 has an expanded view that can have up to three rows.

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Interactive Notifications

The Notifications for Lumia phones become interactive with the new operating system, allowing users to take an action directly once a notification prompts. Users, for example, can respond to a text message via text or voice through the notification pop-up icon.

In line with this, Windows 10 has enhanced speech-to-text capability through which words show up as users speak them. The enhanced speech capability has punctuation automatically appearing and can differentiate homonyms, i.e whether the user said “two” or “too.”

Since the Windows 10 technical preview is still at unfinished stage, Microsoft wants users to use the Feedback app in sending and reporting issues that they encounter. The company is also encouraging the users to send their suggestions on what to change, remove or add. Those who want to participate and test out the new OS can visit the Windows Insider Program.

For those who will find the new OS unsatisfactory, the preview has the Windows Phone Recovery Tool app that will divert them back to Windows Phone 8. More information about Windows 10 will be unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress on March 2. The release of the final version is expected to be sometime in the summer.