Microsoft Is Replacing Your Current Operating System With ‘Windows 10’

Microsoft Is Replacing Your Current Operating System With ‘Windows 10’

Microsoft is trying everything it can to convert every Windows machine into a Windows 10 system. First, the company announced that pirated Windows users can upgrade to legit “Windows 10.” Next came the news of Microsoft ending the sale of Windows 7 to promote its latest operating system.


Gordon Kelly, a contributor at Forbes, said that he was getting emails from Windows 7 and Windows 8 users about Windows 10 trying to install itself on their systems. When he tried to get in touch with Microsoft, the company admitted that it has been trying to secretly replace the existing operating systems with the latest one.

Here’s how to figure out if Microsoft is trying to install Windows 10 on your system:

One way involves being asked to restart your system to update it. As the system restarts, you will find Windows 10 installation in progress. The other way to know if the company has tried to replace your existing operating system with the latest one is to check your Windows Update history. Kelly also posted a picture from one of the site’s readers showing that Microsoft had tried to install Windows 10 31 times on his system.

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Want to check your update history? Here’s how to check it: type “Update” in the search box, then go to Windows Update, and click on View Update History. It is as simple as that. It won’t be a surprise if we wake up one morning and find our systems running Windows 10.