Microsoft Introduces First Red Stripe Deals Of The Year

Microsoft Introduces First Red Stripe Deals Of The Year
Draw a Stickman EPIC 2 Microsoft

Microsoft is proud to present the first of the Red Stripe Deals for 2016. These deals mean that you can get six apps and games on Windows 10 at 50 percent off or more.


For starters, there’s the game “Dark Arcana: The Carnival (Full)” that is now available for $3.49 instead of $6.99. Here, young gamers get to experience finding a missing woman lost in the mysterious Carnival of Horrors. Moreover, this thrilling adventure will also lead players to investigate two worlds: reality and an alternate plane that exists right behind the Hall of Mirrors. Throughout the journey through the dimensions, gamers will also get to play a lot of mini-games as well as find some hidden objects. Moreover, they will also get to find out the secret of an ancient being known as the Evil One.

Meanwhile, for a game that exercises one’s creativity, you can also try the “Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2” game now retailing for $2.99 instead of $1.49. Here, players get to create their own original stickman. Then they can watch it come to life and face a number of enemies while also playing puzzles and solving a number of challenges. At the same time, a new game feature also allows stickman creators to send their drawing to friends so that they, too, can use the same drawings in their own adventures.

At the same time, there’s is also the fun “Maya the bee: The Ant’s Quest” game now on sale for 99 cents instead of $1.99. In this game, players get to help save the ant queen infected by a mysterious virus. Here, you must bring back all fruits needed to concoct a healing potion.

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Meanwhile, starting January 13, two games will be available for 99 cents. These are “Mini Motor Racing” (originally $2.99) and “Runstatic Squats PRO” (originally $1.99). At the same time, you will also be able to download “Cake clock” for free.

There are three days left for the current promos and they are only available for Windows 10 PC’s and devices.

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