Is Microsoft Developing An Xbox ‘Lite’ To Compete With Apple TV?

Is Microsoft Developing An Xbox ‘Lite’ To Compete With Apple TV?
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There are emerging reports suggesting that Microsoft is gearing up to take on Apple TV by developing a new Xbox Lite model.


The goal is to come up with something that can directly compete with Apple TV. Hence, rumors are pointing out that the development of a slimmer Xbox device is currently in Microsoft’s pipeline. Moreover, there have already been hints of such during the initial launch of Xbox One. And although those plans were eventually put on hold, it seems that this time, Microsoft is determined to see things through.

According to a report by tech site Petri last December, internal sources have pointed out that plans for a lightweight version of the Xbox One is seriously being considered now. Although this slim version may only be able to handle Windows Store games, it will be able to compete with Apple TV.

Meanwhile, Silicon Angle reports that the slimmer, lighter Xbox is expected to be priced cheaper than Xbox One since it will be smaller and less powerful. Moreover, it is possible that the said Xbox Lite will allow gamers to stream games instead of downloading them.

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For the moment, Microsoft and its Xbox segment are mum about plans to introduce a slimmer version of the Xbox One. Instead, more emphasis has been placed on making two new bundles available for the new year, as well as the new game title line up for 2016.

Meanwhile, if rumors of an Xbox Lite are true, it is possible that Microsoft will introduce it to the gaming community during the second half of this year.

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