Microsoft Bringing ‘Windows 10’ To Existing Lumia Phones; Check If Your Device Is Included

Microsoft Bringing ‘Windows 10’ To Existing Lumia Phones; Check If Your Device Is Included
Nokia Lumia 930 Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Microsoft is going to be all about “Windows 10” now. It looks like our generation is going to be the last one to see and experience Windows 7, 8 or XP. But the company might bring another advanced operating system in the market after a few years, then Windows 10, too, will be kicked out of our computers.


The way Microsoft is turning every device into a Windows 10 device, the latest OS isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. On its website, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is coming to Lumia phones. Right now, there are only two smartphones that run on this operating system, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, and they are not even properly available for purchase yet. So for Lumia users left out when Windows 10 was made available even for pirated users (desktop) but not to old Lumia devices, now is the time to celebrate.

On the website, Microsoft has written, “Get ready for exciting new Windows 10 features on your Lumia. Take care of everyday tasks faster with an improved Action Center, enjoy a distraction-free reading experience with the Microsoft Edge browser, and do more on the move with universal apps like Maps, Calendar, and Photos.” Windows 10 for Lumia phones has not yet been released, but when it starts rolling out, these are the devices that will get the free upgrade:

Lumia 430,

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Lumia 435,

Lumia 532,

Lumia 535,

Lumia 540,

Lumia 640,

Lumia 640 XL,

Lumia 735,

Lumia 830, and

Lumia 930

To get Windows 10 on your Lumia phone, your device should have at least 8GB internal memory. Also, as the devices are old and have different internal systems, the features may vary. Microsoft has promised to keep updating the phones after they become Windows 10 devices.