Microsoft Band 2 Price Drops To $175 For Limited Time

Microsoft Band 2 Price Drops To $175 For Limited Time
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If you are a fitness freak and are a fan of gadgets that help you stay fit, then here comes a good news for you. Staying fit just got cheap. Microsoft Band 2 prices have dropped. Also, remember that good things don’t come cheap. In this case, even though the Band 2 is becoming cost-efficient, the offer won’t last long.


Yes, Microsoft Band 2 price has been dropped and it now comes for only $175. The best part about this deal is that every size (small, medium and large) is coming for the same price. Here are the Band 2 size details:

  1. Small: 5.7 to 6.5 inch
  2. Medium: 6.3 to 7.5 inch
  3. Large: 7.3 to 8.5 inch

Along with the Band 2, in the box you will also get a USB charging cable and Start Guide, Safety and Warranty Documents. For how long will Microsoft Band 2 price be $175 is not known yet. The offer may end tomorrow or after 6 months, no specific date has been mentioned by Microsoft. “The $175 price is only for a limited time and won’t last forever,” reported TweakTown. In that case, we can say that the time is running out. Be quick.

Microsoft Band 2 Price drop will not affect the band’s quality or functionality. It will still:
1. Monitor you heart rate
2. Monitor your sleep
3. Monitor your calorie burn
4. Notify you about emails and text messages
5. Track your running, golf, biking, etc
6. Come with 11 sensors including barometer and UV monitor

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This fitness band is compatible with Windows phones, iPhones and Android phones. Packed with a Li-Polymer battery, Band 2 takes less than 1.5 hours to charge. Microsoft Band 2 sports an AMOLED display and is water-resistant. The Band will come with 1-year warranty but “additional statutory rights may apply in your country,” says Microsoft Store. Made of Thermal plastic elastomer silicone vulcanite, this fitness band can be used for 48-hours on a single charge. The battery  life will depend on the usage. If you use GPS or other advanced technology, the battery will drain faster. You can buy Microsoft Band 2 here.

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  • ArceeK

    Why is your article about the Microsoft Band 2, but you are using a stock photo from the Microsoft Band 1st Generation?