Microsoft Band 2 Offers the Latest NBA News Plus Tracking, GPS and Better Battery Life

Microsoft Band 2 Offers the Latest NBA News Plus Tracking, GPS and Better Battery Life
Microsoft Band 2 from

Microsoft is changing the way people monitor their health statistics. Specifically, the Microsoft Band 2 is useful not only in tracking weight loss, but also in monitoring other activities and even the latest NBA News. Can Microsoft change the smart wearable game?


The Microsoft Band 2 has been touted as a formidable device compared to similar offerings on the market today. Now, it appears Microsoft is stepping up its game as the company just released a Microsoft Health update that aims to make the Microsoft Band 2 a more compelling choice. According to ZDNET, people who updated their Android Microsoft Health application will find the Microsoft Band 2 update as well.

The report also praises the device for offering cross platform functionality. Plus, it also comes with an incredible Microsoft Health Dashboard available to device owners regardless of the browser. While many wearables, activity trackers and smartwatches are restricted to their smartphone apps, Microsoft Band 2 changes all of it thanks mostly to its Health website.

The new update comes with the following features:

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  • Custom Guided Workouts that you can share
  • Weight tracking capabilities
  • Web Tile Gallery
  • GPS Power Saver
  • Activity reminders
  • Bug fixes

Another report from The Verge says that Microsoft promises better battery life with the updated software. Battery can be extended up to four hours plus it comes with a new GPS power saving mode. The update to its Health site, on other hand, is carried out across platforms like Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. The website will let people monitor their weight by inputting data into the program consistently. The process is manual but Microsoft offers BMI data and charts for those interested in long term tracking. Some users reported that using the Microsoft Band 2 makes for a great health tracker and device thanks to the continued updates and online data and insights. It remains a strong contender against competitors.