Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Ties Up With Megaport

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Ties Up With Megaport
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What's This?

Megaport has recently announced that the company established a strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, allowing its customers from any of Megaport’s 26 enabled data centers in Australia and New Zealand to take advantage of “instant, dedicated and secure connections to Microsoft Azure.” For Megaport customers, this means unprecedented access to a host of cloud services that comes with flexible pay as you go services.

Microsoft Azure represents an ecosystem of cloud services that have been strategically integrated to help make some process more integrated. This includes analytics, mobile, networking, computing, storage and web. With the new partnership, Megaport customers can readily build, test, deploy and migrate workloads from limited on-premise IT to the cloud platform of the Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. Moreover, Megaport customers are also able to provision services for as much as 10G instantly.


Meanwhile, Azure Storage Senior Program Manager Jason Tang also announced that Azure File Storage will now be made generally available. This means users get access to the Server Message block 3.0 (SMB) protocol support along with a new browser-based file explorer in the Azure Preview portal and Azure Storage Metrics. Prior to the SMB 3.0 protocol, Azure File Storage could only connect from the same region due to some encryption limitations in the SMB2.1 protocol. SMB 3.0 now allows customers to connect from any part of the world. At the same time, users will also be able to mount some Azure File Store file shares even from outside Azure data centers.

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According to Megaport, customers can expect Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to be available later in the quarter.

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