Microsoft Appeals to Windows XP Users to Switch to Windows 8

Microsoft Appeals to Windows XP Users to Switch to Windows 8

Windows XP Microsoft Appeals to Windows XP Users to Switch to Windows 8For many times now, Microsoft Corp has reminded the existing users of Windows XP about the scheduled expiration date of the old operating system on April 8. The company has again made that reminder, this time using its blog site and directly appealing to those users to finally migrate to Windows 8 within 59 days.


The giant software firm has just renewed its efforts to effectively convince Windows XP users to make the big switch. It is expected that as April draws near, Redmond would issue more warnings, communications, and even outright insistence to finally convince those users to do as they are advised.

In the latest blog post, Brandon LeBlanc, the company’s senior marketing communications manager, asked tech-savvy readers of the online site to extend assistance to those who need it in transferring to Windows 8. He reminded the readers that there is a special page on the Website ( that clearly explains what ‘end of support’ is and how existing XP users could find and take options to  remain protected after the legacy OS’ support ends on April 8.

Recommended steps

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Mr. LeBlanc also listed some procedures that Windows XP users must take before the publicized cutoff date. There are three: 1) Purchase and install Microsoft’s Windows 8; 2) Upgrade the PC to support Windows 8; and 3) Buy a new PC that has Windows 8 pre-installed.

He even reminded those users to manually save or backup all their critical files and data before moving to make the switch. He reiterated that the process would not automatically save the data. He regretted to inform the users that SkyDrive, the cloud storage service of Microsoft, does not actually support Windows XP. Thus, it may not be of help in the process of migration.

More of a sales pitch

However, Mr. LeBlanc’s appeal did not mention the company’s recent decision to extend Microsoft Security Essentials updates for all Windows XP users until July 2015. Those updates would still cover malware and virus detection.

Mr. LeBlanc’s appeal did not sit well with some Windows XP users, though. Using the comments section on the blog, some readers lambasted Microsoft, Windows 8, and the decision to cutoff Windows XP. Some readers even pointed out that the latest blog post by Mr. LeBlanc sounded more like a sales pitch for Windows 8. Some users pointed out that Mr. LeBlanc was particularly endorsing Windows 8 and left out other existing OS like Windows 7, which could still be another option. 


  • James

    I want to get away from Microsoft so bad I can taste it. I imagine they won’t be happy until I buy a new Windows 8 computer. I’ve seen 8, used it, and don’t like it.

  • Frank Frank Frank

    My computer still runs xp and I have intention of changing it. Even tho Micro$oft is abandoning xp, I will not!

    • Curtis Garcia

      I’m with you Frank. Windows XP does everything I need it to do. I’m tired of changing the OS every few years, especially when they dropped support for XP designed software that I still wish to use. I could not believe Windows 8 when I first saw it. It looks like freaking video game or a nightmare. No way will I ever use it. Too big of a learning curve, and I’m positive that it wouldn’t support my XP based programs. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Microsoft. Been nice knowing you, at least through XP.

    • ashok sharma

      yeah friend i too love WIN XP but if you have old H/W keep on using it. If you upgrade your H/W esp. to quard-core then to fully utilize all cores go for win 7 or 8, these OS after all are not that bad.
      Give it a try…
      i never shifted to VISTA but when i purchase new HP laptop it had pre-installed win7 so in 2010 i shifted to win 7 after using WIN XP for 10 long years (since 2001), but today if i compare XP and WIN7 then both are equally good.

  • Tom Ess

    Microsoft can appeal, beg and even attempt to bribe me with cash. No F-ing way I’d ever touch that ugly looking virus prone resource hog of a piece of sh!t OS. I run Linux Mint DE and I’m really happy with it. I’d N E V E R go back to Windblows even if they gave me $100 a month for a year to use it. LOSERS.

  • Rupert Pupkin

    Wow, this isn’t a joke? I didn’t realize Microsoft supported XP anyway, i’ve had to fix hundreds of problems myself over many years of lost time, grief and lost data, from DOS to XP. I’ve made a concerted effort to install Linux and Android I could find in all my machines. I’ve even kept Windows on separate partitions so next time it goes belly up for the nth time all I’ve lost is the OS and not everything else. Then I boot into some form of Linux to access my data. So their model as it has been from the beginning is-force people once again to either buy yet another overpriced OS, or new computer or both? Why do they think everyone is getting away from computers and going app crazy, away from Microsoft to their phone and tablets? Sorry Microsoft your monopoly game is over.


    MS thinks people have so much money, should be able to afford paying few hundreds of dollars on each PC just for Windows alone.


    MS should provide family pack (5 licenses) at reasonable not the expensive prices it’s charging for the Pro versions. Then I’m more likely be able to update my XP machines to Win 7.

  • Windows-7-Lover

    Well…..I have had no problems with Windows 7, or 8.1. I have 15 Desktops, and Laptops in my house and most run 7, my top gamer runs 8.1, and some of my older ones in the basement run Vista—all perfectly. They always did. Now XP is a pile of junk– you have to use a floppy disk with a SATA driver to install XP if you have a SATA hard drive (they came out about 12 years ago, modern boards don’t have PATA slots, and haven’t for about 8 years).
    I hope no banks or online stores (or anybody handling my personal data) is still using XP. They will put us all at risk.
    One of my hobbies for the last 12 years has been to try most (if not all) the Linux distros on PCs I have purchased or built/rebuilt. The only one one worth the price (they are free) is ubuntu, but you will never get WINE to work for 3D graphic accelerated games—-BECAUSE LINUX CAN’T USE DIRECTX or other Microsoft drivers and code needed. ALL linux distros are notorious for their lack of hardware drivers (like printers, cameras, scanners, etc.) and if you want to play even the Linux graphic accelerated games, you WILL need an NVIDIA video card– and all the Linux games are really old garbage.
    Do yourselves a favor and buy a new laptop or whatever and do a government wipe/overwrite on the hard drive (all 40 GBs of it) on that old piece of junk running XP and dispose of it in a responsible manner (if you put it out with the garbage, even the garbage collector won’t want it, and the thrift store won’t want it either, especially the CRT monitor that is so “XP-ish”).
    To sumerise

  • Major genius

    Dear Microsoft,

    How about making a user interface that XP users actually can use ? Has that thought occurred to you people? Apparently not. Microsoft and its blind, inept and obtuse leaders win the prize in being
    the “least customer friendly company of all time”. It should be obvious to anyone that one can put different types of user interfaces on the same OS undercarriage. It is obvious. It is easy. It does not even cost that much. But, noooooooooooo, Microsoft can’t see anything.

    Will Nadella make a difference. Probably not, because anyone who has lasted 22 years with this company must have become blinded as well


    Windows-7-Lover , above speaks of his JUVENILE ADDICTION to GAMES, GAMES, GAMES.
    Many of us use our xputers for SERIOUS work.
    Serious searching, keeping in touch with relatives and friends, Google Maps, City services and schedules,
    WEATHER, news, sports, military and naval history (STREAMING) of the american civil war, world war I and II, The American revolution, great Israeli freedom battles,, Pearl Harbor.
    i WILL shout;
    A “gamer” box is fine if GAMES, GAMES, GAMES is the extent of your interests.
    BUT, don’t be-little those who have deeper quest of inquiry.
    I have used all the DOS(s) up to six,then the window 3’s, 98, ME, and XP.
    Yeah, there has been some “BOTHER”, but I have, really enjoyed XP.

  • Ron Belcasar

    For a non-tech-savvy retiree like me who was more than happy with Windows XP and having just got my 63 year old wife to actually start using a computer and enjoying it, the whole business is appalling (Iwould like to have used other words but this will suffice). I’ve got an old desktop and a small notebook that run on Windows XP, and a laptop for my wife for her to play with while she’s getting her head around it. Does this now mean I have to fork out a small fortune on new whizzbang computers just to keep uo with my family on Skype etc. From what I’ve seen of Windows 8, I dislike it immensely. It’s bad enough I had al sorts of problems recently with passwords for my Emails when Outlook took over from Widows Live Mail. Bad show all round. Not Pleased. If I’ve got to get used to a new setup, I might as well go APPLE.

  • dvr

    Microsoft can thank its out going CEO for ythe lack of exit strategy of WinXP. I’m looking forward to the new CEO, but a sinking ship is still a sinking ship.

  • Nicky

    If I wanted a tablet, I’d buy a tablet. I don’t. I want a COMPUTER. Windows 8 looks like great software–FOR A TABLET. When Microsoft makes an OS that functions as well as XP, I will gladly upgrade. To another COMPUTER, not a tablet having an identity crisis!

    The reason people aren’t buying the new OSes as much as Microsoft wants is because XP WORKS BETTER. So they react by trying to strong-arm people away from XP? Why not FIX YOUR PROBLEMS and make a decent OS? I’ve needed a new laptop for years–but I’ll be damned if that’s happening while Windows 8 is what comes standard!

  • But Mr. LeBlanc’s appeal is now proof, since microsoft has denounced the official stopping of security updates Essentials. I hope almost of the active windows XP users will be noted and immediately they will migrate to Windows 8.1

  • Gary

    I have a computer it even came with a keyboard and mouse so why in hell do I want an OS that thinks it is a phone.

    Touch activated tiles when i dont have a touch screen, nor would I want my grubby fingers all over my 200 dollar monitor, live tiles updating news etc i’m not interested and then when i want to shut it down I go to “settings – power – shutdown ?? how does that make more sense than start-stop.

    My PC is not a phone I use it for work I don’t need all the bloatware I want simple easy access to my programs I want them to shutdown properly so I’m not wasting processor cycles on applications I’ve finished with and a 25?GB clean install did they write any of the code in 8 from scratch or just keep patching vista till they were happy.

    win xp works I know why people like it
    I use 7 it works why would i change

  • M

    Good luck with those 0 day exploits.

  • Daniel

    Ubuntu 13.10 is very satisfactory for me..I’m not a gamer..just regular ole person.

  • STMahlberg

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

  • Well, I started switching to Linux back in 2002, but I switched 100% in 2007. I will not look back. Fedora does everything I want and I need. I am not a gamer, but there are awesome games on Linux that run better than they do on Windows. Now, seriously, if you do computing for gaming, then you better stay in the M$ world, but if you want to do real computing, switch to Linux. XP is soooo outdated. 7 was the first Windows I ever bought and I have a few licenses around. I use Windows in virtual machines and the only reason I use it is because some software only runs on Windows. And that is because of the commercial support that do not want to spend extra money to see it run on Linux. Companies are greedy and because if that you have the abomination that is called Windows. The world is open source. Help to keep it that way. Make the right choice. Use Linux. Did I mention that it is secure? Not perfect, but it does not sell you to M$, the government, NSA or Google…to say the least!