Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Security Patch Stick

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Security Patch Stick
Jak dopasować menu Start w Windows 10 / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0
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Microsoft seems to be quite serious about the accelerated tempo of Windows 10 and wants to keep the customers in line with the updates it will issue from time to time. The company has confirmed that it will provide a Windows 10 security patch stick for businesses that adopt Current Branch for Business.


The addition will allow the customers to get the update within eight months or else they will face a patch stoppage. The feature and functionality upgrades may take place as frequently as once a month and will come with an eight-month window.

According to a report published in Computer World, Microsoft had previously forced its customers to migrate to a Windows 8.1 update or dump Internet Explorer 8 in order to receive further vulnerability fixes. The same is going to happen with businesses that choose Current Branch for Business.

Helen Harmetz, a Microsoft senior product marketing manager, said in a webinar, “Customers who are embracing Current Branch for Business do need to consume that feature update within the allotted time period of approximately eight months or they will not be able to see and consume the next security update. So there is a consumption that has to happen here.”

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According to a Windows IT Pro report, Microsoft is trying to strike a balance between control and agility. The company is working to provide better data notification plans and solve complex Windows issues.

Though Microsoft points out that the security patch stick benefits customers, the consumers may play the role of guinea pigs for the company. Once the company declares the update business-ready for the Current Branch consumers, the updates can be deployed using CBB or LTSB.

Choosing CBB will allow consumers to stay up-to-date on new features and security. CBB is a new option Microsoft has given out to businesses that want to operate at the edge of the technology. The LTSB is more like a Windows 7 update experience.

Consumers choosing CBB but failing to update within the 8-month window will not only be cut off from the patch update but will also have to shift to LTSB. However, there will be a four-month window, in which customers will be able test the update and file complaints.

Some of the devices that will be using CBB will get the update immediately. Microsoft has presented businesses with a lot of choices as far as the Windows 10 update is concerned. This is to improve the experience of consumers and provide them with lots of options according to their servicing needs.


  • SofaBear

    Hopefully this will solve the “Microsoft is so insecure” mentality while they are sat there using an un-patched version of XP running IE7.

    This is a big bug bear of mine, IT professionals refuse to upgrade/update and then complain about outdated technology!

    Good for you Microsoft, I’m looking forward to Windows 10.