Microsoft and Foursquare sign $15 Million Deal

Microsoft and Foursquare sign $15 Million Deal
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Microsoft Foursquare Microsoft and Foursquare sign $15 Million DealMicrosoft announced on Tuesday that it has made a four year deal with Foursquare, the location based social networking app. According to the deal, Microsoft will invest $15 million as a part of a licensing procedure after which the tech giant will be able to mesh the colossal location-based service’s data into Microsoft’s web and mobile platforms. When tech giants make such big investments, there is a high chance that they are going to launch some product in which there will a use of the related product and the experts predict that Microsoft is working on its next flagship of mobile or Xbox in which its aiming to mesh the best location based built in services like never before.


Foursquare went a step ahead and explained this major business deal saying that Microsoft wants to use the location based services of Foursquare in its upcoming software and hardware devices. “The location based services of Foursquare will be used in the Windows and Windows Phone operating systems to make the context-aware experience more useful and user friendly,” said Foursquare blog after the deal which is perceived as one of the key contracts signed by Bill Gates.

The scene is quite murky as for how and when Microsoft exactly wants to use the Foursquare location based services but New York Times cleared the dust and claimed that Microsoft wants to revamp the much left over project of “Bing” to make it the competitor of Google and plans to use the location services, behavioral searches and interest based ads features using the Foursquare services.

The Foursquare spokesperson declined any claims and did not explain the plans of both the companies, but informed the media that Foursquare is planning to hire an internal Windows 8 Phone developer to elevate the grasp on the Microsoft’s plans and technical underlying details. Users’ location information with personalized recommendations and tips, and other services from Foursquare will be used by Microsoft to make its systems smarter and more useful Microsoft is also planning to focus its lens of Windows Phones in order to make them more app-specific as there is an ongoing shortage of mainstream great apps for Windows phones.

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Foursquare seems to have taken the monetization efforts by storms. Last week, Foursquare announced the partnership with GrubHub Seamless, but declined to tell any details of this business deal.