Microsoft All Set To Bring Middle Finger Emoji Into Action

Microsoft All Set To Bring Middle Finger Emoji Into Action
What’s on your mind? Pietro Zanarini / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Microsoft will soon be launching the middle finger emoji for its 2015 update, a move considered to be a daring one. While the emoticon was approved in 2014 by Unicode, no company decided to include it in their system.


Users will be able to use the emoji via the Windows 10 update during the middle of 2015, as reported by The Verge. The emoji will be available with all skin colors.

Initially, the design called “reversed hand with middle finger extended” is also called Flipping the Bird.

Unicode 7.0 approved a list of emojis, and the middle finger emoji was the one asked the highest number of times. Now, Microsoft will be the first company to use the emoji, depicting such gesture.

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Apart from making the middle finger emoji available with the Windows 10 update, Microsoft has gone neutral in terms of skin tone. While Windows 8 showed cream or white-skinned people, this time you will be able to see grey tones, meaning no color is chosen. Apple and Google have been using yellow skin tones for a long time.

In many cases, several options of skin tones are given to users. Bald faces are also quite popular, evading the controversy with regards to hair color.


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