Microsoft Adds Bot Framework Support For Facebook Messenger

Microsoft Adds Bot Framework Support For Facebook Messenger
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Considering a potential number of users for the Messenger chat application, Microsoft added the service to its list of channels supported by its Bot Framework. With a robust number of 900 million users for its chat application, the Redmond giant hopes to tap in more users for the Facebook Messenger.


The new Bot Framewok was launched at the Microsoft Build Conference, 2016. The service is designed particularly to allow users create bots and connect them with SMS, Office 365, Skype, Slack, etc. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella announced major plans for bots and a big update for its Bot Framework.

According to Microsoft, “With the addition of Facebook Messenger as a supported channel, your text, image, card and button capable bots may reach more people across an even broader variety of the world’s top conversation experiences- from Skype, to Slack to Text/SMS, Office 365 mail and more.”

Another major announcement by Microsoft was the new Bot Directory at Build 2016. The app stores for bots allow users to find new bots. The Bot Directory is not yet accessible, but it is open to developers for submissions only. This means that a developer will be able to submit bots to the Bot Directory, allowing users to check bots in the Bot Directory, reports MSPower.

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So, what are Bots? They are small computer applications or agents capable of responding to users’ questions and help them derive more information. These bots help interacting with a computer easier and like a human conversation. An example of Bot would be your bank’s online help center.

Bots are intelligent and smart, imbued with artificial intelligence. If you order a pizza from a regular spot, the Bot will remember your choices, be it your favorite toppings or extra cheese, etc. By adding support of Bot Framework to Facebook Messenger, users can use their preferred communication mode, such as, texting and instant messaging, according to Fortune.

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