Michelle Obama Post-First Lady Plans: Writing Her Memoir In Peace!

Michelle Obama Post-First Lady Plans: Writing Her Memoir In Peace!
Image from Flickr by Gage Skidmore
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While the people of the United States are very interested in finding out what President Barrack Obama wishes to do after he leaves the White House, Michelle Obama has plans ready to be implemented as soon as she is no longer the First Lady!


Though Michelle Obama has thoroughly enjoyed positively influencing the nation in any way she could, standing beside her husband at all times, she is just as excited to welcome the much-needed freedom that comes to resigning her position as the First Lady.

Always graceful and smiling, Lady Obama has expressed that she was looking forward to the time when she will no longer have bodyguards following and she will finally be able to walk out of her “front door without discussing it with anyone”, reports ijreview.com.

So what will occupy Michelle Obama’s time after she no longer has to carry out the routine duties of the First Lady?

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According to Dr. Myra Gutin, a communications professor at Rider University and the author of “The President’s Partner: The First Lady in the Twentieth Century”, “She’ll probably start working on an autobiography. That’s likely to take up quite a bit of her time,” reports E! Online.

And since Michelle Obama is a perfectionist, there is a real chance that she will prefer writing the memoir all by herself without hiring any additional help.

Michelle Obama has been known to claim that she does things her way. And given that she has managed to accomplish so much more than most First Ladies have ever done in the history of their respective husband’s term as POTUS, Michelle will surely want to pen down how she managed to “carve her own path”.

However, it is hard to see her completely giving up her humanitarian and social endeavors even when she has completed her term as the First Lady, points out Gutin. “Let’s Move”, “Joining Forces”, “Reach Higher” and “Let Girls Learn” are just some of the organizations that Michelle would be interested in carrying on working for.

Gutin further stated that one thing that people can be sure of is that Michelle Obama will definitely show no interest in joining the politics or run for President anytime in the near or distant future, unlike Hillary Clinton. But that does not mean that she will fade from people’s memories. She will make her presence felt one way or the other.

According to Former Washington Post reporter Slevin, the biggest challenge that Michelle might face after her stint as the First Lady is to “make a difference on the things she cares about without quite the same megaphone that she has now.”

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  • James King

    Michelle or Michael, the parasite, will continue to leech off of the people. Possibly he/she/it will come out of the closet and reveal his true self.

  • Obamabot

    A monkey writing a book? Now I’ve heard everything

  • Fedup

    Is this going to be another racist rant like her thesis was that she wrote while she was at Princeton. She was probably one of the first to take advantage of affirmative action in enrollment to universities.