Michael Strahan, Kelly Ripa Avoiding Each Other Before ‘LIVE!’ Reunion, Producers Worried About On-Air Fighting

Michael Strahan, Kelly Ripa Avoiding Each Other Before ‘LIVE!’ Reunion, Producers Worried About On-Air Fighting
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Will viewers of “Live! With Kelly and Michael” get to see a live scuffle between the two anchors as they would be united once again in the show? The two daytime anchors would see each other again for the first time after their controversial drama behind the show and some expect the two will not be able to hold back some emotions.


The news about the other half of the daytime talk show, “Live! With Kelly and Michael” leaving the show broke out on April 19. Michael Strahan was reported to join “Good Morning America” on a full- time basis, thus, he would be exiting the show he co-hosted with Kelly Ripa for four years. Kelly Ripa is said to be torn and angry by the news.

Kelly Ripa did not appear on the show since the news broke out. She was reported to be on a vacation leave to celebrate her 20th anniversary with Mark Consuelos. She would be returning to the ABC talk show on Tuesday. This would be the first time the two co- hosts would see each other after the issue.

According to E! News, a close source said that although the two had not spoken to each other since they had been communicating through text and “it’s been simple” and “very cordial.” Ripa and Strahan had no plans of seeing each other before their reunion on Tuesday. The insider was quoted, “They are just going in and doing it tomorrow.”

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While another unnamed source was quoted by E!, “Anything that will come out of Michael’s mouth in public will be happy and up beat about Kelly.”

Earlier this week, Strahan expressed his excitement to his co- host’s return on the show and he assured fans that she was just on a scheduled day off.

According to Daily Mail, multiple sources who were close to Ripa said that she had been offered the same slot on GMA a few years ago but she turned it down because she was committed to “Live!” However, Strahan had said yes to everything that Disney and ABC offered. “This began creating tensions internally as Kelly and Michael Gelman were having to work to Michael’s schedule as Live become less of a priority for him,” said the source.

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