Michael Schumacher News: Manager Debunks Recent Health Rumors, Continues To Ask For Privacy

Michael Schumacher News: Manager Debunks Recent Health Rumors, Continues To Ask For Privacy
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Michael Schumacher is still up and about, and the rumors tied up to his death are false or meant to get viewer attention.


Schumacher continues to recover from that tragic skiing accident of 2013 with minimal updates on his actual condition. The family continues to seek understanding on the recourse as they go through these trying times.

No Updates From Sabine Kehm

Sabine Kehm continues to be the lone point of reference though there is hardly any update on the state of Michael Schumacher. She was recently at a charity launch event and asked for updates on Schumi.

“We all know that I cannot comment. We just have to accept that the family wants to continue to protect their privacy. Of course, Michael will not disappear but at the moment the private situation is so difficult that unfortunately no insight can be given. There must be understanding for this,” said Kehm via GrandPrix247.com.

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Silence Can Be Good Or Bad

While the request for privacy on Schumacher would be understandable, the fact is that he has a following. There are people who want to know the real score of Schumi with most seriously concerned on his actual health status.

Among the notable assets that were sold include their holiday pad and private jet. Such has sent off mixed signals to fans who are eager to know the real score on the Formula One legend’s condition.

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However, it is the Schumachers’ right to dispose of assets though it may not necessarily mean that the family is feeling the brunt of medical expenses. Schumacher continues to be held up at his Lake Geneva mansion where only family and select medical personnel are around to help him get back a normal life.

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