Michael Schumacher Update: Formula 1 Star’s Wealth Is His Life Support

Michael Schumacher Update: Formula 1 Star’s Wealth Is His Life Support
Michael Schumacher celebrityabc / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Michael Schumacher has been in a race for almost three years now. It is a race for his life. He has been fighting so hard to win not just for him but for his family.


Realistically, the Ferrari superstar cannot make it this far if not for his wealth. His enormous medical expenses as reported by FX can only be sustained by the very rich people. Paying off $140,000 per week for his staff is very dear. The maintenance of his hospital duplicated suite complete with the expensive apparatus and machines costs thousands of dollars too.

The champion driver was able to accumulate wealth during his active days. It was huge that can spell a comfortable and luxurious life for his family. But tragedy struck and a huge portion of his wealth was already used up for his rehabilitation.

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Without his money, his family could have stopped all the sustenance. His wealth has extended his life. His borrowed life, though hard, has given him a chance to live longer. Until when can his family sustain him? His injuries were so serious that his rehabilitation takes years and yet, the probabilities are just lean.

In the stillness of his life inside that luxurious cubicle, hope goes on. Michael Schumacher is holding on to life. As long as he fights, his family and supporters will continue standing by his side.

Lately, his wife Corinna and his children decided to part with his valuable Mercedes car. According to Mirror, they disposed their jet and vacation house earlier. It is not that they are going bankrupt but because they realized that he can no longer use them in the future.

They were already in acceptance of his fate but hangs on for a miracle. Michael Schumacher is a fighter. He might win a battle miraculously after all, nothing is impossible with faith.  

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