Michael Schumacher Update: Formula 1 Racer Rehabilitation Might Jeopardize Family’s Future

Michael Schumacher Update: Formula 1 Racer Rehabilitation Might Jeopardize Family’s Future
Michael Schumacher ph-stop / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Michael Schumacher, Formula 1’s famous racer who was termed as the “man who walks on water” met an accident in Meribel while having a skiing holiday with his family. He was seriously injured but was snatched from death through the able care of the doctors that attended to him.


According to Daily Mail, after he came out of the medically-induced coma, his rehabilitation process followed at his grand mansion in Gland, Switzerland.

A $14 million room duplicating a hospital ward was built for him. A specialist and a medical staff of 15 are on his side 24 hours a day. His weekly expenses cost his family $140,000.

Michael Schumacher’s Recovery

His staff affords him extreme care especially his therapy for his nerves and muscles to hasten his recovery. Tents were erected to block paparazzi from taking photos of him. All news about his health were also thwarted by his family. His manager Sabine Kehm does all the public updates for his supporters who are very eager to know of his condition.

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Michael Schumacher accumulated wealth during his active days. His net worth was reported at $800 million. His business empire was taken over by his wife Corinna Schumacher while he is under treatment.

Expensive Medical Treatments

At present, his vast wealth can cover his huge medical expenses. Seeing the situation in the eye of a financial analyst and considering his very minimal development, his family can see a dwindling of their wealth.

Nobody, even his doctor can foresee the length of time he will consume until he recovers. At present, he is reacting but still unable to move his body by himself. He cannot talk but is awake. FX News reported that he cries when he hears the voices of his wife and children. He was reportedly having depression.

The family is facing a bleak future, though distant, if his condition remains on the status quo. However, he is trying real hard to recover and his determination never diminished.

Michael Schumacher and his family cannot see the light still at the end of the tunnel. but for a champion racer like him no journey is so difficult.

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