Michael Schumacher News: Formula 1 Racer’s Mercedes E55 AMG For Sale, Family Struggling Financially?

Michael Schumacher News: Formula 1 Racer’s Mercedes E55 AMG For Sale, Family Struggling Financially?
Michael Schumacher ph-stop / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Michael Schumacher used to be the top earner in the racing world. He was able to secure a huge amount of wealth during the peak of his career. He was able to acquire material possessions and one of which is his Mercedes E55 AMG.


The two-decade old car that has run 123,000 miles is up for sale according to The Drive. The asking price is five times more than the price of one — $133 million. It is very dear for a car of its kind but because it was owned by a Michael Schumacher, it is priceless.

It can be recalled that his wife Corinna Schumacher sold the vacation house and the jet that the Formula 1 top man has purchased. She admitted that she thinks he might not be able to use them again. Presumably, the same reason applies to the sale of the abovementioned car.  

Michael Schumacher Condition Still Confidential

Supporters are wondering how the family handles the almost insurmountable medical expenses. News about his condition does not leave the confines of his mansion.

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Why has his wife Corinna Schumacher decided to sell the car? Is the family facing a money crisis already? Why was the family getting rid of the racer’s prized possession?

The Schumacher family has learned to cope with the health condition of their head.  They have moved on with their lives from the tragic accident and make milestones along the way.

Mick Schumacher is trying to lift the Schumacher name again in racing as per Movie News Guide. He is now into pro racing under the management of his father’s manager.

The skiing accident in Meribel in 2013 that left Michael Schumacher immobile has caused a continuing challenge to the family.  Yet, their hopes are high and their faith strong that he will recover again.

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  • CAhrens

    What kind of crap journalism is this? The Schumacher family has enough to deal with, this type of trash journalism which wildly speculates the financial situation of the family is not needed. Do you honestly believe that the financial stability of a family which is reported to be worth over $750 million hinges on the sale of one car? Do you honestly believe that the sale of his car will finance his medical bills or something of that nature? Don’t be so obtuse, this is nothing more than trashy gossip and given the circumstances, highly inappropriate.

    • CAhrens

      Oh, and the Mercedes E55 AMG is selling for $133,000….not million, you assclown.

  • Anthony Iuculano

    Struggling financially? I highly doubt it. The man had an estimated net worth of about $800 million, one of the wealthiest athletes in the world and definitely the wealthiest in Formula One. Plus, as CAhrens mentioned, the car cannot IN ANY WAY even be close to being worth $133 million, so this whole piece is very questionable.

  • Mieko

    133 Thousand..not 133 million !!!! English Motherfucker..Can you read it ??