Michael Schumacher News: F1 Racing Legend’s Health Deteriorating

Michael Schumacher News: F1 Racing Legend’s Health Deteriorating
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Michael Schumacher updates remain hard to come by and right now nothing credible or significant details on the condition of the fallen racing legend. And as far as the Schumachers are concerned, any word on the state of Shumi will be kept with a tight lid.


Kehm, Schumachers beg for understanding

Designated spokesperson and manager Sabine Kehm reiterated the decision of Schumacher’s family despite heavy criticism from fans per Fox Sports. December will mark the third year since Schumacher’s ill-fated skiing accident in the alps and his road to recovery remains undisclosed.

Kehm continues to fulfill the wishes of the Schumachers, explaining that all Schumacher followers can do right now is respect their wishes. Kehm is aware of the criticism but asks for deeper understanding particularly during these hard times.

Since then, conflicting reports on Schumacher’s health have come out. Some have claimed marked improvement, while others say that the F1 legend’s condition has worsened. Both sides are seen as nothing more than rumors and/or speculations as long as the updates don’t come from the Schumachers and/or Kehm.

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Schumacher continues to be holed up at his Lake Geneva Mansion under the close watch of his family and select medical personnel. Some outlets claim that Schumacher is able to respond through ‘tears’ particularly when the F1 legend hears the voice of his wife and children.

Right now, the best thing that Schumacher fans can do is pray and hope. Schumi’s plight to a normal life may be a long and near impossible one but the family has obviously not lost hope.

Following the fatal skiing accident, Schumacher needed to be placed in a medically induced coma due to traumatic brain injury. He was incrementally withdrawn from the coma in 2014 before being transported to his where he continues to undergo rehabilitation.

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