Michael Phelps Lifetime Ban After Rio Olympics? Drug Use Revealed

Michael Phelps Lifetime Ban After Rio Olympics? Drug Use Revealed
Michael Phelps Agencia Brasil Fotografias / Flickr cc
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What's This?

The obvious star of the 2016 Rio Olympics is Michael Phelps with his seemingly overachieving performance. Prior to his entry, he was already a well-decorated Olympian with 22 medals, including 18 golds.


Phelps has upped his gold medal haul to 22. At the Rio Games, he has added four more plus a silver medal with one more event to go – the butterfly on the 4×100 medley relay on the last day of swimming competition per the NY Times.

Finally Retiring?

With his stature, retirement is now floating in the air for the Olympic swimmer. While he did say once again that this would be the last, he mentioned the same thing in 2012. Could the case be the same in 2020?

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Whatever his plans are will entirely be up to him. Unfortunately a dark past has been brought up by Yulia Efimova who has been tied up to some drug-related past.

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From Russia With Love?

Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova took a swipe at the standards set forth, touching on a sensitive issue involving doping. She believes that she could have been banned for life but somehow linked Phelps to the controversy.

To recall, Phelps had a tainted part of his life when he was caught smoking weed in 2009. Phelps was suspended by USA Swimming for three months.

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“Of course I’m not for doping, and I’ve never used it on purpose,” Efimova said via Yahoo Sports. “But I know there have been very many occasions where people do it because they don’t know or because they’re stupid or naïve.”

The frustrations of Efimova stem from the continued questioning of her suspension for DHEA. It leaves a dark mark to her current stint despite the fact that she was cleared to compete by the International Olympic Committee. Efimova won her second silver of the Olympics on Thursday night in the 200-meter breaststroke.

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