Michael Phelps Cheats With Transgender: Photos, Facts About Taylor Chandler

Michael Phelps Cheats With Transgender: Photos, Facts About Taylor Chandler
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As soon as four-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps captured social media when he successfully made his mark in the Rio Olympics 2016, rumors about his transgender ex has become a favorite topic.


Together with Phelps’ popularity, some of his darkest secrets started to surface. One of which is the story of his ex who he previously said was a mistake.

But the remark from the celebrated Olympian did not sit well with the ex, who turned out to be the 31-year-old transgender Taylor Chandler. After days of keeping her silence, Chandler finally spoke out in a bid to defend herself.

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In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, Chandler belied all accusations and labels Phelps threw at her. Aside from being called a “mistake,” Phelps referred Chandler as a “liar” and just a “hookup.”

Feeling the need to speak up and clear things out, Chandler granted an interview after days of staying out of the radar. “I’m tired of being called a hookup, liar and a mistake. I am none of those things. If he was a woman that did all this she would be slut shamed and destroyed across all media. The post is the truth, but it’s easier for the world to bash me, misgender me and believe it’s a lie,” Chandler was quoted as saying by Hollywood Life.

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She went on to say that she felt bad after finding herself on the receiving end of hate messages, calling her names and all sort of things. But Chandler seemed unfazed when she posted on Facebook a list of names of Phelps’ women, whom he has been cheating with while in a relationship.

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