Michael Phelps Announces Fiancee Is Expecting, Ex-Girlfriend Fumes

Michael Phelps Announces Fiancee Is Expecting, Ex-Girlfriend Fumes
Photo Credit: ChrisGampat via Compfight cc

The legendary swimmer is going to become a proud father. Michael Phelps, who stood on the Olympic podium to receive the gold medal for 18 times, announced on his Instagram account on Wednesday that his fiancee Nicole Johnson is pregnant.


In February, Phelps revealed the news of his engagement with the former Miss California. Now, Phelps posted a photo of himself along with Nicole beside a swimming pool in Arizona. He was holding a pair of trunks with MP written on it.

”We found out 8 weeks ago we are expecting,” the caption says. ”Today we’re over 12 weeks and it looks like we’re having a boy!!!”

But Phelps is now keen on next summer’s Rio Olympics. He has confirmed that his marriage with Nicole would follow the mega-event. Phelps came out of retirement in 2013 and is now training hard for his fifth Olympic outing. Johnson is going to give birth next spring, according to Phelps’ announcement. The Olympics begin on August 5, while the U.S. trial to select the Olympic team is from June 26 to July 3.

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Phelps relocated to Tempe, Arizona from Baltimore in August.

Hours after he posted the news, his alleged ex-girlfriend unleashed her anger in another post. Taylor Lianne Chandler posted on Facebook that Phelps destroyed her after their relationship and it was difficult to accept that he had a woman pregnant. Phelps never talked about his relationship with Chandler, though.


  • Sandra

    Congratulations! I have a feeling that he will teach that baby to swim early on. My husband’s passion is football, and when we got a positive on those free PTs from ttckit, he was hoping for a boy to teach football to. Dads and sports! LOL