Michael Jackson Confirmed Pedophile: Emma Watson At 11 Was His Obsession?

Michael Jackson Confirmed Pedophile: Emma Watson At 11 Was His Obsession?
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Disturbing facts about Michael Jackson and darkest sexual secrets have been revealed in a book by none other than his personal doctor and confidante, Dr Conrad Murray, including one involving “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson.


The doctor was charged with involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death has written a book that brings to the fore details of the King of Pop’s life. MJ was reportedly in love with his friend’s daughter Harriet, who was just 12. The book then talked about Jackson’ss adoration of Emma Watson.

Talking about Michael Jackson, Dr Conrad, 63, told Mirror UK: “Michael fell in love with Harriet when she was roughly five years old. Then, by age 12, he grew to become fixated on her.” The doctor added that he wanted to meet his friend Mark Lester and discuss a marriage proposal with Harriet in 2009, who was MJ’s goddaughter, Hollywood Life reports.

The claims in the book by Dr Conrad bring to the fore shocking details on the bizarre, dark world of the 400 million-record selling megastar, who died of a prescription drugs overdose in 2009. However, Lester declined to comment to the Mirror about Murray’s allegations. The former doctor in his book titled, “This Is It Laying Bare Grim Details From the King of Pop’s Life,” also wrote that Michael Jackson kept an option opened for him if Harriet said no.

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The singer wanted to pursue the then 11-year-old Harry Potter star Emma Watson. Dr Conrad claimed that Michael Jackson was so serious about his fixation for Harriet that he went to the extent of researching about laws as to where in the world it would be legal to marry a girl so young. MJ’s case was reportedly that of a sick man.

The chapter from the book by Dr Conrad will be published on Tuesday. It reportedly talks about Michael Jackson’s sickly obsession with young girls.

However, Dr Conrad refused to comment whether the pop singer was “a danger to children.” He said that he has not earned anything after being released from jail in 2014. He added that he has not written the book detailing the life of MJ for earning money, but because Michael Jackson wanted him to do so, Daily Mail reports.

Below is Emma Watson during the promotion of her movie, “Regression.”

Such a great experience with such a wonderful director. Thank you Alejandro Amenabar xxx #Regression #Madrid

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  • BP

    To be honest, the more outlandish and ridiculous stories that come out, the more the general public are likely to side-eye these leeches. It does all feel very orchestrated and well-timed, Murray’s book coming out at the same time as Wade’s smear campaign.
    This is NOT is a coincidence.
    This is a pure tabloid media conspiracy.
    That these claims are so absurd that I would hope anyone with a working brain cell can see right through them and in a way it might even make people realize how low tabloid’s standards are when it comes to publishing MJ stories.

    Who could possibly believe that Michael, who had just been through a very public child molestation trial, would tell his doctor that he had a romantic interest in little girls and that it was his dying wish that he wrote a book about it? It’s not even legal to marry a child, why would Michael want to do that and be sent straight to prison?
    It just doesn’t make any sense.

    He can name anyone.
    It’s not like Emma Watson can come out and refute it since how would she know about what MJ allegedly told privately to his doctor?
    Thing is Emma Watson was born in 1990, that means she was 19 in 2009, not 11. Once again Murray is totally off.

    Mark Lester has apparently done an interview which will be reported in a day or two and confirmed that these claims regarding Michael and his daughter Harriett are completely false by Lucy Lester (Mark Lester’s daughter)

    And Murray’s story is easy to refute as his ages are off, very much off. I think Harriet was much older than 12 in 2009. I mean look at some 2009 photos, she looks around 16-17 here. Definitely older than 12. LOL.

    These claims are so outrageous and the attempt at cashing in so obvious that I don’t think many people will believe this. The article mentions that CM has money problems and he says “buy the book, it’s in the book!” three or four times.
    That’s already a red flag.

    Most people will just roll their eyes and perhaps finally understand that the tabloids will print anything about Michael and can’t be trusted.

    To write a slanderous book about the man you murdered is cold enough but to name that book This Is It… I have no words.

    What a con that Murray is if he’s spent his time in the last two years reading other people’s books about MJ eg ‘Simply the Gest’and now copying the “sentences”.

    We all heard Murray’s tape ( of a barely conscious MJ) in court, where Michael told us what he actually planned to do with the money from TII, which was to build a children’s hospital.

    If MJ was wearing a mask (would bring along a mask or other disguise, a disguise that would fool anyone, and which we have never seen MJ wearing before, right?), how could you see if he was pretending to ‘drool’ or not? (Also not loving the way Murray, a supposed Dr, describes Stroke victims)

    Who is paying this piece of shit to tell these lies?
    Brain transplant? No vitiligo? Putting Paris at risk?
    It’s either that Conrad Murray really lost his phuking mind or someone is paying him to do this.
    And he wrote this for the fans?

    As for him denying viltigo well Murray is not a doctor we know that he is a charlatan. Maybe he should go back to medical school where he could get a brain transplant himself.

  • BP

    Tabloids are filled with crazy people, last week or so Mirror was posting articles of MJ being after little guys, and this week they are posting articles of MJ being after strippers and little girls.

    Allegations of him:
    – being attarcted to young boys? Check.
    – being gay and attracted to men? Check.
    – being attracted to young girls? Check.
    – being attracted to women (hookers of course, because his attractions can never be normal)? Check.
    – being attracted to animals (Bubbles)? Check.

    What else can they come up with?

    It is astonishing to me just how low the media is willing to sink when it comes to slandering Michael Jackson. There are simply no boundaries with him.
    Suddenly a man who was convicted for killing him and who is obviously a pathological liar (and now in need of money) is a “credible” source and is allowed to further victimize the man he killed.
    It just would not be considered OK if it was anyone else.

    He is obviously mentally ill. I don’t see anyone in their right mind believing this scumbag. Yes, we know there are many stupid people or just people who want to believe anything negative about MJ, but this fool is too obvious with his made-up BS. He accuses MJ of being attracted to children then in the next breath he claims MJ wanted him to publish a book about it?

    How does that make any sense?

    The distruction of Michael Jackson is just an incredibly important issue to some in the establishment. It is really interesting how much energy and money they keep investing in the slander of a man who is dead for 7 years.

    The media really has an axe to grind against him. They cannot get over the fact that their slander has been going on for more than 25 years now and they still did not manage to destroy him. In fact, he is doing better on the charts than their own idols do. MJ has 5 albums on the Billboard 200 this week. He regularly has at least 3-4.

  • BP

    Michael Jackson IS NOT Confirmed Pedophile, but Morning News USA confirmed BS story web.

    BUT we all DO KNOW tha Priscilla was only 13yo when Elvis Prestley got with her so it’s not far fetched for these larger than life Hollywood types.
    Elvis was 20+… = pedophile.