Michael Brown’s Friend Arrested, Sues City Of Ferguson, Former Police Chief And Darren Wilson

Michael Brown’s Friend Arrested, Sues City Of Ferguson, Former Police Chief And Darren Wilson
Solidarity march for Michael Brown in response to the Ferguson grand jury decision Fibonacci Blue / Flickr CC BY 2.0

On Wednesday, police arrested the friend who was walking with Michael Brown Jr. when the African American victim was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.


Dorian Johnson was arrested for resisting an arrest and “discarding suspected narcotics on the ground,” Leah K. Freeman, St. Louis County Police spokeswoman, said.

The charges will be filed on Thursday.

Johnson and Brown were walking on August 9 last year when Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson approached them and fatally shot the unarmed Brown. The incident elicited demonstrations and outcry throughout Ferguson that lasted months.

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Johnson said Brown was shot “like an animal,” USA Today reported.

According to New York Post, Johnson filed a lawsuit against the city, Wilson and former police chief Thomas Jackson.

The lawsuit says that the two African American individuals were walking when Wilson called out to them from his patrol car and told them to “get the f**k on the sidewalk.” Wilson then stopped them “without justification and unreasonably detained [them]” and shot Brown, as reported by The Huffington Post.

The suit further says that Johnson was assaulted by the police officer in question, also violating Johnson’s constitutional rights. Johnson also claims to have suffered emotional pain at the hands of Wilson, who did not have any cause or suspicion to detain Brown, during the incident.

Johnson is seeking $25,000 in damages. He is also seeking an injunction to stop the officers of the city of Ferguson from unlawfully arresting individuals and engaging in assault with them.

A report released by the Department of Justice in March revealed that the Ferguson Police Department followed discriminatory practices against African Americans. The lawsuit filed by Johnson, which highlights this finding, says that organizations responsible for law enforcement ignore public safety and focus more on generating revenue.

A St. Louis County Grand Jury decided on November 24 last year not to indict Wilson. Some of Johnson’s records were also not released publicly until a Justice Department civil rights investigation could be completed.

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  • Bill Smith 999935

    He should have been arrested for inciting a riot. The original perpetrator of the “hands up, don’t shoot lie”. I’m sure the police paid a little extra attention to this thug yesterday after the lawsuit was filed.

    Karma – watch for it.

    • Kevin Dunbar

      Bill, Is that some type of Nazi German symbol that you are using? Why is he a thug, is it becuase of his ethnicity?

      • Bill Smith 999935

        Um, it’s the Polish flag douche – who were invaded by the nazis. . He’s a thug because he incited a riot on a lie.

  • Kevin Dunbar

    Bill, you seem to have the opinion that the truth in the case is only what the grand jury accepted as fact. I refuse to accept the grand jury’s opinion as because of the abnormal interference with due process by the district attorney.

    For example, the grand jury proceeding was conducted more like a criminal trial instead of a hearing. In lieu of conducting a standard grand jury hearing, which lasts about 2 hours, and determines if probable cause exist to believe that a crime was committed by the defendant. Instead the DA allowed the grand jury hearing / kangaroo trial to spread over several weeks. Furthermore, one of the key witnesses to the shooting was found to be lying about what she witnessed because she was not in ferguson during the shooting. She also had lied in another grand jury proceeding in order to insert herself into high profile cases.

    Why Michael brown’s friend’s testimony is not credible? This guy didn’t take anything from the store or push the store clerk around. Moreover, he wasn’t directly involved in the physical altercation with Officer Wison. Ask yourself this question and answer truthfully. Who are the real stakeholders in the Michael Brown case? Who has more to gain or lose by Officer Wilson going to jail?