Michael Bay Gives Britain’s Loneliest Dog A Role In ‘Transformers 5’

Michael Bay Gives Britain’s Loneliest Dog A Role In ‘Transformers 5’
Freshfields Animal Rescue ‘Freya’s’ Doggie Diary Facebook
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The cast of the latest Transformers movie will have a new member.


Freya, an epileptic six-year-old Staffordshire bill terrier, has been given a role by director Michael Bay in Transformers: The Last Knight.

Freya, who the British newspaper The Mirror last month called “Britain’s loneliest dog,” has spent majority of her years in a rescue center in Liverpool. Cared and overlooked by more than 18,000 potential owners, she was taken in as a six-month-old stray by Freshfields Animal Center.

The “sweet” and “friendly” animal, the center is worried, may never find a permanent home, as reported by Metro.co.uk.

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“Freya was brought into the rescue as a young stray but nobody came forward to claim her,” Deputy kennel manager, Kate Jones, said. “She has been here many years now and is constantly overlooked, which breaks our hearts as we adore her. We do not understand why she has been overlooked for so long.”

Michael Bay, director of the science fiction series Transformers, has cast Freya in the fifth instalment of the series, which is scheduled to start filming this summer. Bay also announced he would find the dog a home; and if that didn’t happen, he would bring her home to live with his two bullmastiffs, Bonecrusher and Grace.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity of a movie deal for Freya and at such interest and support from a major film director who is also a dedicated animal advocate,” a spokesperson for the Freshfields Animal Rescue Center said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “We look forward to showing the world what a wonderful and special dog Freya is.”

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