Miami Heat Rumors: Dwyane Wade Joining Carmelo Anthony in New York?

Miami Heat Rumors: Dwyane Wade Joining Carmelo Anthony in New York?
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Dwyane Wade is once again keeping his options open, pretty much the same way he did last NBA free agency. The long-time Miami Heat guard could be an asset to multiple teams though it may all still boil down to the money on the table and the chance to win an NBA title.


Worth noting is that while Wade’s agents have been calling select teams to let them know that “The Flash” is available, some teams may prefer to focus on other rising and younger players over Wade.

Déjà vu for Dwayne Wade

As Wade’s plight last Summer, talks with the Miami Heat are once again stalled. Last year, he was linked to several teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers as previously reported by SB Nation. And as everyone knows, he ended up signing a $20 million one-year deal per

Wade and Anthony Teaming Up in NY?

Wade could eventually consider signing with the New York Knicks. After earlier acquiring Derrick Rose, why not.

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If Phil Jackson and company can pull it off, the only thing missing from their potential starting unit is a center. They may end up with an all-star backcourt of Rose and Wade, an all-star forward in Carmelo Anthony and future superstar in Kristaps Porzingis.

The center position could be filled soon, as reports indicated that former Bulls center Joakim Noah has already reached a verbal agreement with the Knicks. Talk about the Noah-to-Knicks scenario popped up just after the Knicks traded for Rose, who wants to continue playing with the do-it-all center.

Noah and Wade in New York is possible though it depends on how Jackson tinkers with the team salary budget. With raised stakes, it may be hard to foresee though the Knicks could start crunching the numbers.

If New York can pull it off, the Knicks should be an immediate super team to contend with. With possibly four all-stars in the starting unit, better days could be ahead for the Phil Jackson and company.

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