Miami Heat Rumors: Chris Bosh To Retire?

Miami Heat Rumors: Chris Bosh To Retire?
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Chris Bosh career is technically over, at least as far as Miami Heat president Pat Riley is concerned. Following the all-star forward’s inability to get medical clearance for his blood clot issues, the Heat are not likely to wait on him.


Bosh has been struggling with health issues but was upbeat about still playing NBA ball. There are big risks involved and obviously he will have to clear all that out even if the future seems dim for the NBA veteran.

Health First Before Play

It goes without saying that even if it were another team, no one would take a chance on a player who carries high-risk issues. Bosh is a high-profile player who still has a lot of years under his belt but no team will take a chance and have blood on its hands.

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His willpower is undoubted but there are other things he can do aside from playing on the basketball court. However, one cannot fault him for wanting to do so seeing he is quite the competitor. Unfortunately, he will have to find a way to defeat the blood clot issue before moving on to potentially playing basketball in the future.

The Dark Side Of The Salary Cap

For any team, Riley’s decision has been criticized because Bosh’s impending removal will help the team get some salary cap relief, according to a report from SunSentinel. This is assuming that an NBA specialist concurs with the Heat physicians findings.

Bosh Remains Positive

For Chris Bosh, this is not the end. He still remains in high spirits and has not entirely given up. This blood clot row does, however, change the complexion of his future, even if he considers it a setback.

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Playing on blood thinners is possible but all of that may be complicated for teams to consider. Bosh will step back from NBA ball for now. For how long (or for good) is something that may depend on moving forward.

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