Miami Heat Rumors: Chris Bosh Moving To Denver Nuggets For Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler?

Miami Heat Rumors: Chris Bosh Moving To Denver Nuggets For Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler?
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Chris Bosh wants to return soon after missing the latter part of last season due to blood clots. He could be cleared to play but that does not mean that he will spend the entire 2016-17 season in a Miami Heat uniform.


According to Miami Herald, there is a growing optimism within the organization that Bosh will be cleared to play anytime soon. This after the All-Star power forward pushed for his return by taking blood thinners that will be out of his system in a matter of eight hours.

The Heat were initially against the plan, fearing that an untoward incident could happen if they allow that setup. The Heat’s handling of the situation reportedly irked Bosh, which generated speculation that the veteran forward will ask for a trade. But where?

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While there is no imminent deal at this point, FanSided’s Nugg Love, pointed out that the Denver Nuggets are ideal trade partners for the Heat in the event they decide to trade Bosh. The Nuggets could acquire Bosh in exchange for forward Kenneth Faried and Wilson Chandler.

Why Will The Miami Heat Agree To The Deal?

By giving up Bosh, the Heat will avoid any distraction caused by the 32-year-old’s medical condition. In the end, the will get valuable assets in Faried and Chandler, who could not make major impact for the team moving forward.

Faried averaged 12.5 points on 55.8 percent shooting from the field on top of 8.7 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game last season. Chandler, on the other hand, posted 13.9 points and 6.1 rebounds per game last season.

A trade involving Bosh will also help the Heat get financial relief moving forward, giving them the opportunity to rebuild. Bosh still has three years left in his five-year, $118.7 million contract with the Heat.

“Bosh is costing the Heat a lot of money, and may be stopping them from recovering from Dwayne Wade’s departure,” FanSided noted. “Trading him away for Faried and Chandler would give the team more immediate depth, and more future trade options for rebuilding.”

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