Meteor Shower Witnessed By Residents From Sacramento To LA, Las Vegas

Meteor Shower Witnessed By Residents From Sacramento To LA, Las Vegas
This bolide appeared over the Flinders Ranges, in the South Australian desert on the evening of the 24th April 2011. C m handler/ Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

There have been reports of what is described as a large meteor shower blazing across the sky.


The shower was observed by residents from Sacramento to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Many people took to social media, posting videos of the celestial incident.

The shower streaking across the night sky lasted for about 30 seconds or longer.

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As reported by CBS Local, Wednesday night and Thursday saw the annual Delta Aquarids gracing the night sky. Producing as many as 15 to 20 meteors per hour, the Delta Aquarids may coincide with the occurrence of the Perseids, credited for being the best meteor shower of the year, expected to take place in August.

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Matt Holt was one of the witnesses who captured the meteor shower in a video. He said he videoed the incident in Utah valley and the meteor was moving towards the east. It disappeared over the Wasatch front mountain range.

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Jessie Moreno also took a video of the shower, showing a celestial object splitting into two smaller objects.

The videos of the event are trending on social media accompanied with the hashtag #ufo. Some people, nevertheless, have expressed their reluctance to believe the object was a UFO. Some Reddit users say the object is space debris that is entering from the lower orbit. They also added that, according to Sat View’s map, the object is possibly the upper stage CZ-7-R/B (part of the Chinese Long March 7 rocket) re-entering from low orbit.

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