Message On A Potato? One Guy Has Made This Possible; Send Your Potato Message Today

Message On A Potato? One Guy Has Made This Possible; Send Your Potato Message Today
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Sure, a message in a bottle is mysterious, exciting and maybe even a bit romantic. But what about sending someone a special message on a potato? Yes, it is now possible to do that, thanks to the ingenious Potato Parcel.


Mashable reports that the man behind Potato Parcel is Alex Craig. It seems he envisioned a world wherein anyone can have a message engraved on potatoes, which can then be sent to friends, families and even enemies with complete anonymity. So, it can be a heartfelt greeting, love note or even a real bad insult.

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Now just why would you use a potato as a message sender? Craig tells Mashable that he wanted to be able to let people send out their messages in a “much simpler way.” Well, the mechanics of sending a Potato Parcel is quite simple alright.

How to send your very own potato message

The first step might make you feel like you are ordering food online (well, you actually are). You have to choose between a medium or a large potato. The difference between these options is that with the large potato, you get to send a message with as much as 140 characters. With the medium potato, you are limited to 100 characters.

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Along with your message, Potato Parcel will also need customers to include the address of the recipient and customer’s email. Most importantly, customers are also asked to include their message as well as instructions under “NOTE TO SELLER” upon checkout.

So far, business has been doing great for Potato Parcel. Craig reveals that the company is getting around 750 to 1,000 orders per month. And since they’ve started scrolling messages on potatoes in May 2015, they have crafted more than 3,000 Potato Parcels already. The cost of a message in a potato delivery is around $7.99 to $10.99.

Aside from shipping to the U.S., Potato Parcel can also deliver potato messages to Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.