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Meredith McIver Is Not Real, Or She Might Be

Meredith McIver Is Not Real, Or She Might Be
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Meredith McIver Is Not Real, Or She Might Be

Just a day after Meredith McIver came forward to take the blame for the speech mishap suffered by Melania Trump when she spoke to address the Republican National Convention on Monday, rumors are swirling all over the internet that the supposed writer for Trump Organization does not exist.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s campaign released a statement saying that their own in-house staff writer McIver released a statement with regards to the speech Mrs. Trump delivered in Cleveland, Ohio. In the statement, McIver explained that during the process of writing the speech, Melania told her how much she liked Michelle Obama, then proceeded to read some passages from the original speech to McIver over the phone.

Afterwards, McIver said she ended up including some of the passages into the draft of the speech, which ultimately became the final version. The writer admitted that she did not check the speech she wrote against Michelle Obama’s actual speech. She apologized profusely for the mishap and even said that she offered her resignation to the GOP presidential nominee and his family.

However, Trump had rejected her resignation. “Mr. Trump told me that people make innocent mistakes and that we learn and grow from these experiences,” she explained.

With McIver’s identity out and in the spotlight, many are remarking that it seems McIver is not a real person. The writer is said to be an employee of the Trump organization. However, one pointed out on Twitter that McIver is not included in the June payroll for Trump’s company reported to the FEC.

At the same time, many are questioning why a number of profiles for McIver was created hours ago, including her Facebook page and an Everipedia entry.

Meanwhile, a report published by The Guardian back in 2007 proves that McIver’s existence is real. In the article, McIver was described as one of Trump’s assistants who “doubles as his ghost writer.” With the McIver mystery solved, only one question remains. Will Mrs. Trump ever admit that she did write most of her speech, as she had earlier claimed?


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