‘Memento’ Remake Planned; Is Christopher Nolan Involved?

‘Memento’ Remake Planned; Is Christopher Nolan Involved?
Inception panel – Christopher Nolan The Conmunity – Pop Culture Geek / Flickr CC BY 2.0

“Memento” is going to be remade by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi. The duo will be financing and producing the remake with AMBI pictures. The Christopher Nolan year 2000 thriller was a smash hit. It is expected to be accepted well by viewers once again.


“Memento” is a thriller where a tattooed detective is in search of the killer of his wife. He lost his memory, which makes the search difficult. Nolan may not be part of the remake.

The “Memento” remake is also raising questions for sure. First, the movie was a hit due to its original concept in 2000, but now the concept seems to be old. The director will have to put something interesting in the story. The past has shown that many remakes of very successful movies have been terrible. However, the fact is not true for all movies. Whether the remake will fall in that category or not will be known in the future.

The original movie had been nominated for a lot of awards. The impact of the movie was high among movie lovers, and many movies were made in different countries with the same storyline. The movie had grossed $25.5 million at the box office.

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Just last week, AMBI launched a $200-million film fund. The “Memento” remake will be financed from there. The company has remake rights to many different films. Some of those are “Cruel Intentions,” “Donnie Darko,” “Sliding Doors” and “Rush.”

Bacardi said in a statement, “Memento is a masterpiece that leaves audiences guessing not just throughout the film, but long after as well, which is a testament to its daring approach.”