Melania Trump’s Nude Photos: Donald Trump’s Downfall Or Victory?

Melania Trump’s Nude Photos: Donald Trump’s Downfall Or Victory?
Melania Grain Sand / Flickr cc
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What's This?

Melania Trump might have successfully managed to hide her education qualifications from the world but how is she going to hide her naked photo shoot?


Melania Trump, it would seem, enjoys being in the news for all the wrong reasons.

First was the gaping allegation that she had plagiarized her RNC speech from a speech Michelle Obama had given years ago. Next, it was the mysterious disappearance of her official website which had faked her educational qualifications.

And now it’s the resurfacing of her nude photo shoot, reminding everybody that the future First Lady of the United States has appeared in pictures (available on the internet for everyone to look at) without a stitch.

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Melania Trump Naked

While this is not exactly something that a potential First Lady would want, included in her portfolio, it is a reality. The racy pictures were taken by GQ magazine, of Melania Trump, 15 years ago, when she was just Donald Trump’s girlfriend, and definitely not preparing to stand next to a possible POTUS someday.

And yet here we are. With Donald Trump gearing up to contend Hillary Clinton for the seat of the most powerful man on the planet, GQ magazine has dug up the pictures where Mrs. Trump looks ravishing, sensuous and of course… naked.

Just because her body lacks proper clothing in the pictures, it does not mean that there is a dearth of accessories. From Handcuffs, briefcase, a pistol, diamonds and gold jewelry to private jets, the pictures have them all.

Melania Trump Scandals

Depicting “14 pages of high living”, Melania is said to be fluent in 4 languages. If this information about her is true (since it’s really hard to tell at this point), it is surely going to help her win her husband some votes in the future.

According to GQ, the reason for fishing out the photos from the age-old photo shoot is because “It makes for some interesting reading today, since his (Trump’s) recent success in his latest run for president”!

Following GQ, another set of raunchy pictures were released by the New York Post! They are from an even older period when Melania was a model and was posing for Max Magazine!

Donald Trump will not be happy!

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  • MakingSenseofitAll

    Well, let’s hear the evangelical leaders who support Trump on this. We faithfully await their wisdom and guidance…

  • It is just an obfuscation to distract your attention from anything important. ‘Oh look, a shiny thing’..

    Today Mr Trump suggested the United States should accept the Russian invasion/annexation of Crimea. Right after he insisted the Russians would never invade Ukraine.. As if he is clueless where Crimea is, or already working for Kremlin interests.. I don’t know what to say about this one, Except holy heck how is the GOP not rebuking him at this juncture, he is proving to be a dangerous pawn of the Kremlin, knowingly or not..

  • Bymynishus

    I doubt it will matter. Conservatives hatred for liberals far outweighs their actual conservative nature. The only reason they complained about Michelle’s sleeveless dress is because it was something they could complain about. They would never speak against Meliana’s nude photo shoot while Trump is the Republican candidate. The Trumps could do just about anything right now and it won’t hurt.