Melania Trump Ex-husband: Who Is She Married To Before Donald Trump?

Melania Trump Ex-husband: Who Is She Married To Before Donald Trump?
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The story of Melania Trump is the story of the American Dream, from a model’s point of view, or so we thought. A new revelation suggests that her story of how she came to the country might be less than truthful.


The entire foundation of the Donald Trump’s campaign has been about stopping illegal immigration to the United States. But does his stand make him a hypocrite when it comes to his wife?

According to Univision, an immigration attorney working for the Trump Organization revealed that Mrs. Trump obtained a green card in 2001 on the basis of marriage. This contradicts her statement in 2005 in which she stated in an interview with Larry King that she has never been married prior to Donald Trump.

Melania Trump nee Knauss was born in the Republic of Slovenia. Last week, she issued a statement that she has always been in compliance with immigration laws.

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The immigration attorney, Michael Wildes, says he acted on behalf of Trump models. He also handled the work to obtain visas and green cards for Miss Universe contestants back when Mr. Trump owned the pageant.

Wildes stated that he has been authorized to speak on matters concerning Mrs. Trump. However he also said that he cannot comment on how she became a permanent US resident.

According to CNN, after the New York Times published several nude photos of Mrs. Trump, more inconsistencies regarding her citizenship arose. The shoot has raised questions on whether she broke the law by working in the US without a proper visa.

She has said that she came to the country the “right” way with a visa. She also said that she flew to her home country every few months to have it stamped.

If this is true then her visa would have probably been a tourist visa requiring to be updated periodically. This type of visa however, does not allow someone to work in the United States.

Could the recent controversies regarding Melania Trump are meant to show Donald Trump as a hypocrite and derail his campaign? Recent polls reveal that Hillary Clinton still has a sizable lead. This might change in the following days however, as more details regarding Mrs. Trump’s citenship are uncovered.

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  • Ken Young

    If “Mrs. Trump obtained a green card in 2001 on the basis of marriage” stands, then the “marriage” might have been a FAKE one as shown in many movies, & quite common in real life.
    Now, the lawyer who handled her PR visa application shall be in trouble if he indeed knew the marriage was a fake when he filed the papers for her & they are unable to locate the first “real groom” (before Trump).

  • johnrf

    Everything about Trump is a lie. His supporters shouldn’t feel too stupid. After all, Donald Trump is one of the most accomplished con men of our age. Many have seen the light in the last week. At this point it’s hard to understand how he has any supporters left. He’s been exposed as the most dishonest person to ever run for president, caught lying over and over, even repeating lies long after they’ve been exposed. To continue to support this phony you have to ignore news from any source other than Fox and Breitbart.