Meet The Philippines’ Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte

Meet The Philippines’ Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte speaks before the protesting residents in the city who are calling for the moratorium on housing foreclosure in several housing projects in the city. At least 5,000 homeowners coming from different subdivisions in the city and even from neighboring towns and cities marched around the city on Wednesday afternoon, Feburary 11, 2008 to oppose the transfer of an estimated P13 billion worth of housing loans with the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC) to a private entity known as Balikatan Housing Finance Inc. (BHFI). AKP Images / Keith Bacongco
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After being called the Philippine’s “Dirty Harry,” which came from a Clint Eastwood character, Rodrigo Duterte, a Filipino mayor eyeing the highest position in the land, has earned the reputation as the country’s own Donald Trump.


But being likened to Trump doesn’t sit well with Duterte, whose name has been involved in several controversies with his rather unorthodox approach to criminality, drugs, and poverty, the Nikkei Asian Review reported.

In one of his previous interviews with the Associated Press, the tough-talking Davao City mayor said he should not be compared to Trump, who he called a bigot. Duterte issued the statement in reference to Trump’s controversial proposed solution to the worsening terrorism, saying he would ban the entry of Muslims in the U.S. if he ends up winning this year’s elections.

Hailed from a southern Philippine city, Duterte is expected to change traditional Philippine politics dominated by imperial Manila, the Al Jazeera reported.

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“He’s the most outrageous, the most colourful and the most interesting character in this upcoming presidential election. We like to compare him to Trump of the US because he likes to shock with his statements. He can be very irreverent and very reckless,” Filipina author and journalist Marites Vitug said.

The obvious and probably the only trait that Trump and Philippine’s Duterte share is their ability to stir the world only by opening their mouths. Duterte, who’s popular among constituents with his no-nonsense way of leadership, has been involved in several controversies with his own way of getting things done. He’s also known for his expletives, to which people outside his territory in Davao City are not accustomed to.

The 70-year-old mayor who served the city for more than two decades is also a lawyer with a brief experience as a legislator serving one term as a city representative. Last year, Duterte drew the ire of the country’s Catholics after he reportedly cursed Pope Francis, who was in Manila during a Papal visit.

But Duterte clarified that he cursed the government’s failure to address the worsening traffic condition in Manila, not the Pope. Duterte has since apologized and asked forgiveness from the Pope through a letter sent to the Vatican. Early this month, local newspaper Sun Star reported that the Pope has forgiven the mayor for the incidence.

On the other hand, the real estate mogul and New York City billionaire is practically a neophyte in politics. Trump is competing with Ted Cruz to get the Republican nomination for this year’s elections. Although Trump is the most inexperienced among the Republicans vying to get the party’s nomination, he’s still the most probable contender of Hilary Clinton, a Democrat.

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  • EndPinasCorruption

    We beg to disagree. Duterte is in no way similar to Trump. He is not a bigot and racist. He is pro Filipino from all walks of life even rebels and farmers especially the poor and oppressed. He lives a simple life. He even donated his only mansion to an NGO and chose a simple house.

    Visit Davao City and see for yourself how he changed a city 3x bigger than Metro Manila from being a killing field intona city where people thakes pride in following rules without dictatorship. That’s credibility and integrity!

    • Jerry Grill

      You have no basis on Trump being a racist or a bigot, except maybe on what you may have heard in social media. I am a Filipino myself and I would like to see a Duterte presidency. Trump and Duterte may have different perspectives and have different way of life but they both employ shock as a way of getting the spotlight… and they are both against the establishment their respective governments have. He is the closest of a presidentiable that we have to America’s Trump.

      BTW Trump is not a racist, he does well with minorities in the polls — he sets the record in fact. He will not ban all immigrants, he will just ban the illegal ones.

  • Arp

    Sorry, I live in Los Angeles, but I’ve never heard of your periodical/newspaper before.

    But I am Filipino, and I am from Davao.

    Duterte is the Filipino Trump? Wrong.

    The only thing similar to them are their colorful language. Duterte has more than 20 years of public service. Trump has zilch.

    Duterte is the first Philippine politician to implement anti-discrimination laws against Muslims and aborigines in his purview. Trump hates all other races.

    There is a reason why he’s number one in the polls in the Philippines.

    He’s the only one unbeholden to the oligarchy that controls my corrupt nation’s government since the Marcos regime.

    The Filipino people has been awakened, inspired by the crowdsourcing power of social media.

    As the Duterte camp would say, change is coming to the Philippines.

    And the incumbent powers that be are scampering for cover.

  • Louis

    Just an advice from a stranger, research more Jereco Paloma before publishing articles..

  • Julxz Tiongco

    The language maybe… other than that, they are way too different. Lets describe them this way, Duterte is a public servant and Trump is a celebrity.

  • Sere Nity

    Thats right, very different of Trump.. Duterte proves himself with his performance, just Visit Davao City while Trump???, i dont know him, does he prove anything??? Just asking… Thanks…
    ~From Davao City