Meek Mill Puts An Innocent Man In Danger For Pining Alton Sterling Death On Him

Meek Mill Puts An Innocent Man In Danger For Pining Alton Sterling Death On Him
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Rapper Meek Mill reportedly accused a man as the suspect for the death of Alton Sterling. Meek Mill though is a victim himself, of a cruel hoax.


The 29-year-old hip hop artist accused a certain Robert Kinnison for the death of Alton Sterling, after he saw an internet hoax trolling within social media.

He posted in his Instagram account a viral photo of one of the alleged Baton Rouge cop holding his gun.

Meek Mill said in his post, “I guess this not a thug….. If I say what I really wanted to say I would prolly b arrested!”

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The rapper added that these “policemen” should not be in the neighbourhoods unless people calls for assistance, The Hollywood Life said in a report.

“Put them white cops in our hoods knowing they races. Setting us up for failure made us rebellious!!!!!” he said.

But the man behind the photo, Robert Kinnison, said that he is innocent and someone just posted his photo following a number of shooting incidents that were happening.

The innocent man said that he is receiving death threats following the viral photo showing his image. Robert Kinnison said that he is a trucker from Arizona and a support of Donald Trump.  He added that he has been a victim of a number of trolls as he always posts his strong political will, TMZ said in a report.

“My name got twisted around in the mess” and “someone who doesn’t like me majorly trolled me,” he said in a video he posted online to clear his name, adding that he is a Christian, Conservative, and gun rights activist.

Apparently, Meek Mill, and other internet users, fell for this hoax contributing to Robert Kinnison’s image to be viral.

Baton Rouge PD cleared that the cops involved in the murder of Alton Sterling are named Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II.

Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old man, was said to have been selling CDS just outside Triple S Food Mart, at the corner of Fairfields Avenue and North Foster Drive in Louisiana.

He was allegedly shot by the two policemen after responding to a threat.

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