McDonald’s Vs Burger King: Which New Burger Would You Try?

McDonald’s Vs Burger King: Which New Burger Would You Try?
Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass via Compfight cc
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The Burger Wars continue between fast food giants McDonald’s and Burger King as they release their latest burger offerings.


McDonald’s introduced a tasty-looking “brand new burger” with a potato bun. It has ground chicken for patties with “under 400 calories each” and place between a sliced “gourmet” potato bun, according to Daily Star.

The bad news is, the new chicken burger recipe invented by restaurateur Blake Casper, owner of fifty McDonald’s franchises, will only be offered in Tampa Bay Florida.

Hot on the release of the new McDonald’s burger is Burger King’s addition to multicolored burgers, the Halloween Whopper. The fillings include Whopper patty, lettuce, pickles, cheese slices, A.1. Steak Sauce, tomato slices, onion slices, and mayonnaise and will sit between a black bun. The launch of the black burger in the U.S. is on Halloween – the reason for the black color that reminds you of death!

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A green version of the burger was released recently in Saudi Arabia for the celebration of Saudi National Day on September 23, Mirror wrote.

So, what would you try? McDonald’s or Burger King?

Back in August, Burger King proposed a hybrid burger called “The McWhopper” to rival McDonald’s for Peace One Day through an “open letter” posted in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune, but the latter turned down the proposal.

Meanwhile, Express wrote that several studies show that consuming too much red meat can increase the risk of bowel cancer and heart disease that might lead to stroke. Yet red meat has good benefits when taken in recommended amounts.

So before you try the new burgers of McDonald’s and Burger King, know first the amount of calories to set your limit and avoid health problems that may arise due to pigging out unhealthy foods.