McDonald’s, Tyson Foods Dump Poultry Farm Due To Chicken Cruelty

McDonald’s, Tyson Foods Dump Poultry Farm Due To Chicken Cruelty
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It took one disturbing video for McDonald’s to realize that the chicken nuggets they are serving were not at all kosher. And in response, the popular fast food chain has decided to cut ties with the poultry farm that’s been supplying them chicken for their McNuggets right away.

Non-profit organization Mercy for Animals posted a video that clearly shows how inhumanely chickens are being treated at a poultry farm in Tennessee. The said farm was actually contracted by Tyson Foods who in turn supplies McDonald’s with chicken for McNuggets. Mercy for Animals has dedicated a website to show the cruelty done to the chickens in the farm. The organization also named the said website “McDonald’s Cruelty.”


The video opens with someone asking Mercy for Animals’ undercover workers, “You don’t work for PETA, do you?” The unidentified individual then proceeds to beat on a group of chickens with a stick. All the startled birds move away except one, and this particular bird ends up getting the brunt of the violence. The individual proceeds to hit the bird over and over again. The chicken falls to its side, flapping its wings wildly as it continues to receive beatings.

Mercy for Animals says it’s not just beatings that take place in the said farm regularly. Chickens are also stabbed and impaled while they are still alive. Moreover, farm workers would also readily step on the birds’ heads while pulling the chicken spines from their skulls. Afterwards, their bodies are dumped into buckets where they die a slow, painful death.

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Moreover, chickens are also bred to grow so fast, they end up getting crippled by their own weight. To make things worse, the chickens are also crammed into a tight space filled with stench and lacking natural light.

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In response to the horrific situation, McDonald’s has told USA Today that the company is currently working with Tyson Foods to in investigate the poultry farm. They also reiterated that they are “committed to working with animal welfare.”

Meanwhile, Tyson Foods had also seen enough. Tyson Food’s spokesman Worth Sparkman told USA Today that even though investigation is still in progress, they believe that what they have seen is enough reason to terminate the farm’s contract to grow chickens for the company.