Mayweather Hot Favorite To Win At MGM Grand

Mayweather Hot Favorite To Win At MGM Grand
Mayweather Bryan Horowitz /Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

A win at MGM Grand tonight would not only extend his unbeaten 47-0 record, but also crown him as the greatest of this era.


Floyd Mayweather Jr, has already proclaimed himself to be greater than legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

But not only pride, huge money is also at stake in the ring of MGM Grand at Las Vegas hours ahead of the historic Mayweather-Pacquiao bout. The richest athlete on the planet was backed by his father Floyd Sr, who’s a renowned trainer of the sport, as he said by consuming a huge sum of money his son has done what the professional boxers have traditionally done. Some commentators tried to diminish the importance and greatness of the fight, citing it lacks social, political and cultural dimensions!

Professional boxing has often being tagged as something “morally perverse”. Mayweather is a convict of wife-beating, and Pacquiao has also been criticized for his stance against gay-rights and more expenditure in family planning. Mayweather though cleverly clarified what actually Saturday’s bout is, as BBC quoted, “This fight is not about good against evil, This is about two fighters at the top of their sport entertaining the fans.”

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Heavyweight great of the 1990’s, Evander Holyfield, who donned the gloves against Mike Tyson and defeated him twice told BBC,”So far this is the biggest hype in history and everyone’s saying it’s the fight of the century, Well, it could be. But it depends on what they do in the ring.”

Pacquiao, 36 has past his prime according to some experts. Some views say the main problem is drug-testing, and a PED free Pacquiao isn’t as lethal as before in the rings. The Philippines star hasn’t knocked out any opponent since 2009. Whether he would be able to pose any threat to the undefeated American is questionable.

The only point that could go against Mayweather is that his defensive style isn’t admired by the judges. Pacquiao pulling off an upset win as 2-1 underdog means a rematch, and another chance for money to roll producing one more 9 figure pay-day.