Maylin Reynoso Forgotten Latina: Why Do Karina Vetrano And Vanessa Marcotte Get More Media Coverage?

Maylin Reynoso Forgotten Latina: Why Do Karina Vetrano And Vanessa Marcotte Get More Media Coverage?
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The death of 20-year-old Maylin Reynoso is being compared to that of murdered joggers Karina Vetrano and Google employee Vanessa Marcotte. There is uproar on social media when the Latina woman did not get the media attention she deserved.


According to Ensegundos, Reynoso’s body was discovered by law enforcement authorities floating in the waters of the Harlem River in Manhattan. She was a Dominican suffering from depression and bipolar behavior. She had disappeared late July.

Reynoso worked at a gas station and had the psychological condition for some time. Rosa Vargas, her mother, stated that her daughter had been hearing voices. The cause of her death has not yet been identified.

“At this point, the medical examiner has yet to determine the cause of death,” The New York Police Department told Heavy. “The investigation remains open and active.”

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The hashtag #MaylinReynoso on Twitter has been used repeatedly by people commenting on the deaths of the murdered joggers. There are people accusing the media, police, and community of being biased, because the Latina’s death received the least media coverage compared to Vetrano’s death.

The Odyssey Online said that the manner in which the media paid attention to the stories of the two women establishes the racial bias present in the media. The publication added that Missing White Girl Syndrome is a concept that describes the role of the media and the massive attention they give to victims who are attractive, young, and white. The discrepancy between the coverage of the victims is striking.

There has not been any reward declared for more information on the Latina’s death. The online community, though, remains vocal in expressing their outrage regarding the manner the Latin’s story is treated in the public eye, according to Vibe Magazine.

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  • Kelly Durbib

    Why isnt alex brueger

  • tlspam2015

    Because she was a mentally ill woman who possibly took her own life? Much different from violent rapist grabbing someone while jogging and killing them.

  • Ann Cecilia

    I am greatly saddened by Maylin’s death. However, it has not been determined to be murder as the other two cases have been, which could explain the difference in coverage. As to there being no reward, the Vetrano’s set up a page to gather reward money. Maylin’s relatives should do the same.