Max Spiers Hillary Clinton Connection: Killed UFO Expert One Of Hillary Clinton Body Counts?

Max Spiers Hillary Clinton Connection: Killed UFO Expert One Of Hillary Clinton Body Counts?
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Max Spiers was discovered dead abroad days after his mother was asked to inquire if anything had happened to him.


The 39-year-old conspiracy theorist was from Canterbury. His corpse was found on the sofa in a friend’s apartment in Warsaw, Poland. He visited Poland to give a talk on conspiracy theories.

While in Poland, Spiers was supposed to give a lecture on UFOs and government cover-ups regarding the subject of extra-terrestrials.

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Earlier, it was reported by Morning News USA that Spiers had been killed because he was putting an effort to expose the truth behind extraterrestrials. The idea was provided by his mother after there was a failure to perform an autopsy on his body.

The most interesting part of the incident was that the British UFO conspiracy theorist texted his mother two days before he was found dead. Vanessa Bates, 63, allegedly received a message from Spiers that said, “Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.”

It was also reported that the theorist’s friends claimed he died in Poland after puking “black liquid.” Another shocking part was that as Bates waited for the results of the post-mortem, she eventually got to know that Polish authorities never performed one.

According to a report made by The Sun, the dead conspiracy theorist had certain beliefs like human beings falling victims to mind control conducted by the New World Order (NWO), which he said was a secret elite society trying conquer the world.

That is when his connection with Hillary Clinton and Trump unfolded. He said that the New World Order was allegedly shadowed by “front organisations” that reportedly include the CIA and political figures like Trump and Clinton.

He also said that in the Fourth Reich and Dulce Base, there was a new stream of Nazi power and a mysterious underground facility where aliens and humans perform experiments on people.

Speculations have been gradually coming forward, as many now believe Max Spiers could be another member of the Hillary Clinton body count.

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