Matt Murdock As Daredevil: Actor Charlie Cox Banned From Paralympics? Fans Respond

Matt Murdock As Daredevil: Actor Charlie Cox Banned From Paralympics? Fans Respond
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Charlie Cox has been trending lately. Netflix’s Daredevil actor revealed earlier this week that he will soon be a father. However, a recent claim has fans turning their attention to an unrelated event.


A report on the internet led people to believe that Charlie Cox has been banned from the Paralympics. Furthermore, it was unclear if the actor was banned from attending the event. The news continue to gain traction on social media and platforms like Reddit.

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The report was posted by News Thump, a website known for satirical content. The website’s featured image of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock has mistakenly led readers to connect the fabricated story to the actor.

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In the Marvel Universe, Murdock is a blind person with special abilities. The fictional character later goes on to become the vigilante known as Daredevil.

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While the article was initially shared to humor fans, it became misleading for readers on the internet. Currently, most fans are distracted while expecting Daredevil season 3 announcements.

While the TV series was confirmed to be renewed for season 3, it has been revealed that Daredevil won’t be aired till the release of The Defenders in 2017. So far, fans have only got their first look from the teaser clip shared during SDCC.

Fans are expecting Netflix’s Luke Cage. There has been speculation that the TV show is capable of gaining viewership that could equal Daredevil.

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