Matt Damon to Play Arkham Villain in Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie, Umberto Gonzalez leaks on Periscope

Matt Damon to Play Arkham Villain in Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie, Umberto Gonzalez leaks on Periscope
Matt Damon Signing Autographs Out back of the Isabel Bader Theatre during tiff 08 Premiere of The People Speak Chris Harte / Flickr CC

Yesterday during Jason Bourne’s premiere, Matt Damon almost made DC fans skip a heartbeat, as the actor said he would play a superhero role if Ben Affleck directed it. While it was probably his way of revealing his keen interest in fictional characters, it looks like there’s more to it.


After the comment, the news spread read like wildfire, suggesting either Green Lantern or Deathstroke to be a possible role that could be taken up by Matt Damon for DCEU. However, a new scoop suggests the actor to be a villain in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie.

During Heroic Hollywood Editor-in-Chief Umberto Gonzalez’s Periscope stream, the journalist responded to the comment made at Jason Bourne’s premiere. He said, “Matt Damon would probably play one of the Arkham’s villain in Ben Affleck’s Batman.” Gonzalez was quick at stopping himself from revealing any further scoop. You can check it out by dragging the time stamp to 20:04. click here.

If Damon is currently in talks with Affleck to play a role as a Arkham Villian, who could it be? The Deathstroke character has been one of the fieriest supervillain Batman has ever come across in DC, judging Damon’s current physique and looks, there’s a possibility that he would take up the role.

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If the scoop has any credibility, the question would probably pop up at San Diego Comic-con. But as of now the arrival of Ben Affleck and the rest of Justice League team is unconfirmed.

Early reports indicated that Batman is currently being scripted by Affleck and Geoff Johns is also working along with the Oscar winner. Affleck also confirmed that his story line would partly be adapted from DC Comics and the rest would his visualization of the movie. If so, would the debut Batman movie set off as the Dark Knight goes up against someone like The Riddler or a group of Arkham villains? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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