‘Matt Barnes’ Went To Meet Sons, Not Confront Fisher

‘Matt Barnes’ Went To Meet Sons, Not Confront Fisher
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A day after reports surfaced that Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher got into a physical altercation, the Memphis Grizzlies forward confirmed Thursday that he went to his ex-wife’s home to check on his 6-year-old twin sons and not confront the reigning New York Knicks coach.


Barnes, a former teammate of Fisher with the Lakers, told ESPN that he was at his home when he got a text message from his son Carter. “I’m like, first of all, why are you still up? It’s like 10 o’clock at night,” Barnes said. “So I text back, ‘I love you and I miss you too.’ Then I FaceTimed him. I’m just like, ‘Hey, what’s up buddy?”

Barnes continued, “Now, Carter is like the rambunctious one. He’s always jumping off the walls. And when I saw his face, he was just sitting there, and I knew something was wrong. I was like, ‘What’s wrong, Carter?’ and he shook his head, ‘No.’ Then he lays his head down on the couch, puts a pillow in front of his face and says, ‘Mommy’s friend Derek is here.’

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“This wasn’t a phone call. We were on FaceTime. I could see him and the look on his face.”

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Barnes added that Isaiah, his other son, too “felt uncomfortable” that another man was at the home of his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, so he drove there to check on the situation. The situation escalated from there.

However, Barnes refused to disclose the details of the altercation, due to political litigation.

Barnes and Fisher played together with the Lakers from 2010 to 2012. “We were close. We were friends,” Barnes told ESPN. “Some things have happened to change that. It is what it is.”