‘MasterChef US’ Season 7 Episode 7 Spoilers: Cooks to Prepare Dishes for 101 Veterans, Gordon Ramsay Pissed?

‘MasterChef US’ Season 7 Episode 7 Spoilers: Cooks to Prepare Dishes for 101 Veterans, Gordon Ramsay Pissed?
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MasterChef US Season 7 Episode 7 promises to bring a new installment of challenges for the contestants, as the remaining 15 participants of the show are split into two groups. Chef Gordon Ramsay will take on Manny this time, challenging him to produce his best dish.


TV Guide teased that the second major food challenge will involve preparing and serving the 101 veterans, who will decide which group will be sent for the pressure test with a steak, a side dish and a sauce.

Manny has been a powerful personality on the show for the entire Season but had recently drifted from his rank. This week, fans will see chef Ramsay take a strong stand on him, challenging him to bring out his best on the platform. MasterChef US is, however, not complete without Ramsay criticizing one of the contestants on their faces.

As for the Team Challenge, Cartermatt reported that home cooks will try to make the men and women in the military feel special and that will add to the pressure as they prepare something for them. It is not the first time on the show and is indeed a commendable gesture to remind the audience to care for the veterans.

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The lobster challenge on episode 6 pushed Alejandro to a leadership position this week as one of the captains, though it is still not clear who will be the other captains. Alejandro could be picking other contestants. And in that case, it would make way for some strategy talks.

Lisa-Ann Marchesi Talks ‘MasterChef US’ Exit

Meanwhile, Lisa-Ann Marchesi’s exit from the MasterChef US was indeed an unfortunate one. She was one of those contestants who effectively served an interesting combination of good food and entertainment on the table. She opened up about her experience on the show in an interview with the Cartermatt.

When asked what according her went wrong in the last two challenges she said, “In the first challenge, I did not even know there was a ‘proper’ technique to shell a lobster, especially the legs. I am used to taking the meat out, but not so precise and careful to keep the meat intact.”

She added, “For the second challenge, I never thought I would have to replicate a signature Chef Gordon Ramsay dish. I’m thinking, well. I’m Sicilian, there is pasta involved and I can do this with my eyes closed, but the lobster almost killed me before so in a panic, I focused on getting the broth going before starting the pasta.”

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